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How Aware customers streamline operations, reduce risk, and boost productivity

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4 Stories of Successful Leaders Thriving in the Future of Work

by Aware

Modern business moves at lightning speed. Modern leaders need new ways to keep up.

The future of work is here — hybrid, collaborative, and always-on. Traditional employee listening solutions don’t cut it in a world that can change overnight. To avoid being left behind, agile leaders need new ways to mitigate the risks and capitalize on the opportunities of the modern workplace. The answer lies in digital transformation, in collaboration data from tools like Slack, Teams, and Zoom.

What could you do with the data you already hold?

Imagine the power of real-time authentic, actionable insights into how your organization works. Feedback from every function of the business. In-depth analysis of your products and services from those who know them best. Advanced warning when problems arise, and next-generation risk mitigation to protect your people and your company. It’s all possible today.

How could you use this data to transform your business? In this post, we’ll share four stories from pioneering leaders who have already harnessed their collaboration tool data to revolutionize the way their companies work.

filling gaps in employee surveys with real-time employee listening

Story 1: Going beyond employee surveys with real-time insights

It can take months to fully execute an employee engagement survey, and anything could happen between the survey date and the time leaders get results. The outcome — decisions are made without the full contextual understanding of what is happening in the organization or how employees really feel.

Thanks to Aware, there is a better solution. Every day, your employees use collaboration tools like Slack, Teams, and Zoom to discuss every aspect of your business. Aware’s industry-leading, proprietary natural language processing (NLP) was built and trained to understand the nuances of this dataset and extract authentic insights from employee voices at scale. That means you get a direct line to your front line, and your employees get to work for an organization that listens and responds to them in real time.

That’s why when the senior leadership of one global pharmaceutical company wanted to improve internal communications and get in sync with their employees, they turned to Aware. With real-time insights, they were able to boost their employee experience and eliminate survey software completely.

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context behind acceptable use policy violations

Story 2: Getting to the root of rising policy violations

Regulators, auditors, and internal legal and compliance officers all require companies to set acceptable use policies for everything from data storage to interpersonal communication. But how can modern leaders enforce those policies when today’s workplace collaboration applications were built to circumvent the usual checks and balances?

What businesses need are eDiscovery solutions that ingest collaboration data into an immutable, searchable archive in real time, capturing a full record of all messages — including revisions and deletions. Not only does this support fast, efficient discovery and early case assessment, it also enables legal and compliance officers to prove the absence of violating content within their collaboration datasets.

A major non-profit implemented Aware for that very purpose, but later noticed the number of acceptable use violations increased dramatically. With Aware, they were able to identify an oversight in their security permissions that allowed external users into their collaboration environment.

Read the Full Story: Uncovering the Context Behind Increasing Acceptable Use Violations

diverse work environment

Story 3: Building a culture that’s inclusive for every employee

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are vital to the success of every modern business. Diverse companies perform better and attract a wider range of talent than their monolithic counterparts. Part of managing a diverse workforce is ensuring every person within it feels valued and protected.

Aware’s industry-leading NLP models outperform all leading competitors for accurately assessing sentiment and flagging toxic behaviors in modern collaboration tools. This enables companies to proactively ensure that all employees are treated fairly, and surface problems as soon as they arise.

This capability gave a global company the ability to immediately address the situation when an employee said they felt unsafe and unsupported at work. Leadership immediately stepped in to reassure the employee directly and reinforce their DEI policies throughout the company.

Read the Full Story: Cultivating a More Welcoming Environment for All


Story 4: Consolidating compliance, DLP, and retention for enhanced risk mitigation

The digital transformation introduced a slew of new tools to the organization that support remote and hybrid work — and they all need the right controls to secure the data they contain. Ensuring regulatory compliance, enforcing internal acceptable use policies, protecting IP, and surfacing toxicity and harassment are just some of the requirements of properly managing each tool. That can quickly become prohibitively expensive and time-consuming to implement.

Taking the risk of not securing this data isn’t an option anymore. Failing to regulate collaboration tools has cost Wall Street almost $1 billion in recent fines and penalties, and regulators in every industry understand that they are a rich source of compromising data. In one court filing, the FTC noted that: “Slack messages have been found to contain the ‘smoking gun’ regarding liability.”

Using Aware, it’s possible to introduce compliance, DLP, and retention policies across datasets from all the places where your employees talk. It’s how one major European beverage company effortlessly addressed GDPR compliance, enforced acceptable use policies, and protected their intellectual property from a single, centralized platform.

Read the Full Story: Addressing Compliance, DLP and Records Retention – All in One Tool

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