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Automate acceptable use policies at scale

Prevent technology misuse and protect your brand with a platform purpose-built to enforce acceptable use across collaboration toolsets.

What is acceptable use?

What is an Acceptable Use Policy?

An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is a set of rules outlining how users are expected to behave when using a particular technology, app, or network. AUPs clearly define the scope and purpose of using the technology, user responsibilities, prohibited activities, and the consequences of violations.​

Acceptable Use Policies are crucial for maintaining a secure and productive technology environment within an organization. They help prevent misuse, protect sensitive information, and promote a positive and respectful online or networked community. Individuals and organizations are typically required to read and acknowledge these policies before gaining access to the systems covered by them.​

importance of acceptable use

Why you need Acceptable Use for collaboration tools

Acceptable Use Policies help administrators outline how new technologies are used and establish a framework for preventing and addressing prohibited behavior in tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Enhance your infosec posture

Reduce the risk of data exfiltration or leakage by informing users of their responsibilities to keep the environment safe.

​Comply with legal and regulatory requirements

Fulfill obligations to protect sensitive information and demonstrate continuous compliance according to need.

Improve network performance

Streamline resource allocation and optimize digital workplace tools by preventing misuse, overuse, or abuse.

Accelerate incident response

Outline an effective incident response plan and guide the organization on how to investigate and address policy violations.

increase productivity

Reduce time lost during work hours by restricting access to distractions such as social media.

Support employees across the enterprise

Build a healthy company culture by encouraging employees to self-moderate within workplace collaboration tools.

Aware capabilities

Purpose-built to enforce Acceptable Use policies

Create automated rules to surface, mitigate and investigate Acceptable Use violations.

Identify policy violations

Create precise, custom policies to identify data security issues or policy violations across your collaboration ecosystem.

Go beyond keyword matching

Pinpoint toxic speech, NSFW images, password sharing and more with the industry’s most accurate NLP and CV models.

Ensure data protection and security

Granular security features protect access, limit visibility, and allow refinement of rules based on platform, role, division, channel and more.

Connect to your existing workstream

Automate remediation with context-rich alerts within Slack, the Aware dashboard, or your own tools to streamline administrative tasks.

Expedite security investigations

Quickly execute follow-up investigations with Aware’s fast, federated search and contextualized results.


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