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Protect sensitive and regulated data in collaboration tools

Boost your security posture, safeguard customer data, and protect your bottom line with a platform that automates sensitive data management.


What sensitive data lives in collaboration?

Every organization handles some form of sensitive data, such as intellectual property, financial records, legal documents, and regulated information like payment card details, protected health information, and personally identifying information (PCI/PHI/PII).

The goal of sensitive data management is to identify and mitigate the risks associated with handling regulated data and discussing confidential business dealings in collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Any of this information, if leaked or exfiltrated, could harm the company's reputation, cost market share, or lead to lawsuits and regulatory action.


Why you need to secure your sensitive data

Safeguarding customers’ personal and payment information in workplace tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams is essential to mitigating risk and building trust in the event of a data leak or hack.​

Reduce the risk of regulatory penalties

Being PCI/PHI/PII compliant helps organizations avoid costly fines and penalties associated with failure to uphold privacy regulations.

Protect against data breaches

Secure storage and routine compliance monitoring minimizes vulnerabilities and deters hackers, protecting sensitive financial and personal data from unauthorized access or exfiltration.

Strengthen consumer and partner trust

Demonstrating commitment to data security builds trust with customers and partners, leading to increased loyalty and confidence among clients and stakeholders.

Streamline data management

Standardized procedures and controls improve data governance and reduce errors, enhancing business continuity by securing critical customer and payment information.

Accelerate incident response times

Securing sensitive data requires organizations to have robust incident response plans, helping them react effectively to security incidents and minimize potential consequences.

Secure your business capabilities

A robust sensitive data security policy is essential for preserving brand reputation with potential customers, clients, and partners.

Aware capabilities

Defend against sensitive data sharing with Aware

Detect, moderate, and manage unauthorized sharing of financial and personal data with the industry’s most accurate and secure platform.

Immediately identify policy violations

Create detailed custom policies designed to automatically identify, shield, and remove PII and PCI from across your collaboration tools.

Leverage the power of AI for greater accuracy

Harness the industry’s most accurate NLP and CV models to detect the sharing of credit cards, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers and and more.

Enhance your security posture

Remain secure and audit-ready with granular policy and access controls, audit logs, and detailed analytics.

Integrate with your existing workflow

Simplify your workflow with context-rich alerts within collaboration tools and intuitive dashboards, or leverage Aware’s API to connect to your own tools.

Facilitate faster compliance investigations

Quickly complete compliance investigations with Aware’s federated search and AI-powered filtering capabilities.


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