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Collaboration Data

Gain centralized control of your collaboration dataset, helping you make smarter decisions about what to automatically keep and purge.

Hold, Retain and Remove Data Efficiently

Aware brings collaboration data together in one place, connecting tools like Slack, Zoom, Teams, and WebEx and consolidating them into one dataset. Gain visibility, centralize control and add value by harnessing this intelligence in one central location.

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Data Retention

Strategically retain data and preserve institutional knowledge using Aware’s configurable policies and built-in compliance guidelines.


Maintain Total Control Over Your Data

Aware’s granular data management and governance capabilities let you protect your data without losing control or missing out on valuable business insights. You can edit, turn off, or delete your policy at any time.


Data Hold

Retain and protect archived information for legal holds, investigations, and external policies.

preserved archive
An immutable, fully preserved archive

Aware preserves data from a specific user or directly from a monitoring rule—including related conversation context—within an archive that can’t be altered. Data hold policies always supersede retention policies to avoid data loss and ease investigation stress.

Integrate for full control
Integrate for full control

Aware’s API lets you connect to your global holds solution for a full view into how data is kept for investigations and legal requirements. When you’re ready to remove a hold, you’re in control

Audit trails retain hold history
Audit trails retain hold history

Upon release of a hold, it moves to the inactive tab in order to maintain an audit trail of all completed holds. Aware logs all the details, including the person who created and released the hold.

User data removal

Purge user data in order to fulfill an individual’s right to be forgotten without losing valuable business knowledge.

Streamline your data retention workflows

Today’s collaboration tools produce high volumes of unstructured data that require too much management. Aware lets you take control, adding granular governance and a centralized ruleset that minimizes risk while staying in line with retention policies.

Automate employee profile deletion

With Aware you can automatically delete an individual’s content from your collaboration platform and archive as soon as they’re offboarding, but still be sure you’ve kept what you need.

Avoid fines and delays

Avoid paying fines and move quickly when an employee wants to be removed, with one-click user data removal that fulfills an individual’s right to be forgotten as outlined by the GDPR, CCPA and other regulations.