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Keep valuable IP under control with real-time code detection

Tighten your information security posture with AI-powered automations that detect and mitigate unauthorized code sharing in collaboration tools.

the risks of unmanaged code sharing

The risks of unmanaged code in collaboration

Source code is some of the most valuable intellectual property a business can own, and protecting it is paramount to securing company secrets and remaining competitive in the marketplace. However, in recent years there have been several high-profile leaks of code from major tech and gaming companies, including Microsoft, Adobe, EA Sports and many more, and often these leaks originate from collaboration tools and data sets where employees work. 

Popular messaging platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams increase productivity and enhance collaborative work, accelerating the pace of innovation, but hackers and other malicious actors are increasingly aware of the value of the data contained within them. Limiting the channels through which code is shared and enforcing acceptable use policies around IP security are essential steps to protecting company assets.


Why you need to detect and protect code in collaboration

Restricting code sharing in collaboration tools like Slack and Teams can protect valuable IP from unauthorized access or exfiltration, strengthening your information security posture.

Protect your intellectual property

For many companies, source code contains the secrets of your product and represents the greatest investment in time and resources. 

Secure passwords and credentials

Code snippets don't just contain IP—they can also contain passwords and login credentials that can lead to hacks, data breaches, and other damaging activities.

Strengthen your risk posture

Exfiltrated code can expose new attack vectors that threaten the security of proprietary data, sensitive information, and other company-owned property.

Support knowledge management

Improve information governance and knowledge management procedures by containing code within authorized channels and groups.

Accelerate incident response times

Quickly understand the context surrounding potential code leaks and security incidents and minimize potential consequences.

Retain competitive advantage

Protecting your source code and credentials is essential to preserving market advantage and customer and investor trust.

Aware capabilities

Stop code sharing as it happens with Aware

Detect and remediate unauthorized code sharing and secure your most valuable IP

Identify and alert in real time

Aware's AI-powered platform continuously ingests and analyzes collaboration messages to detect code sharing as it occurs and provide real-time alerting.

Automate risk mitigation

Choose to alert stakeholders, remove detected code, or coach employees on acceptable use in real time to protect your data your way.

Surface more results with greater accuracy

Aware's ML code detection models are not English-specific, meaning they can identify code in multiple languages with near-human accuracy, significantly reducing false positives.

Protect data in all major coding languages

Aware's code detect models are trained on major coding languages including Javascript, JSON, SQL, Python, C/C++/C#, and Git commands.

Integrate with existing workflows

Context-rich alerts delivered through your pre-existing tools and technologies simplify mitigation processes and support comprehensive internal investigations.


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