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Reduce the risk of phishing attacks with link analysis

Detect suspicious and malicious links in real time with link risk alerts from Aware.


Phishing attacks in collaboration tools

With business communications increasingly shifting to real-time collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, hackers and threat actors are waking up to the risks and opportunities these platforms present. In early 2024, a DarkGate phishing attack targeted over 1,000 Teams instances with malicious links, just one instance in a surge of similar incidents.

Collaboration tools present unique risks because they often obfuscate links  in favor of displaying a preview image and text snippet. This can increase the apparent legitimacy of phishing attacks, resulting in more employees accidentally clicking on fraudulent links.


Benefits of proactive phishing protection

Collaboration tools present a unique attack surface where even cautious employees can be fooled by a malicious link.

Prevent operational disruptions

A malicious link could compromise login credentials or open a backdoor to exploit company tools and systems, resulting in downtime and disrutions.

Defend against data breaches

Hackers and spammers can use malicious links to steal confidential or sensitive data, potentially leading to reputational or financial harm.

Unify information security

You already provide guardrails to prevent phishing attacks in emails. Applying the same controls to collaboration tools unifies your security posture.

Lower IT support costs

Mitigate the costs associated with remediating phishing attacks and infected systems by increasing threat visibility and reducing incidents.

Improve compliance posture

Proactive link analysis can identify and prevent phishing attacks targeting sensitive data often protected by regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR.

Foster a security-first culture

Reminding employees about phishing training even in unexpected tools such as collaboration platforms reinforces security consciousness.

Aware capabilities

Detect malicious links in collaboration tools

Create guardrails to defend against phishing, malware, and link hijacking.

Identify link risks in real time

Aware continuously ingests and analyzes messages from tools like Slack and Teams, enabling real-time link analysis to reduce the risk of phishing attacks.

Keep up with the speed of collaboration

Preserve the spirit of collaboration's fast, informal messages with AI-powered reputation scoring that moves as quickly as employee conversations do.

Automate phishing link remediation

Don't wait for manual intervention. Automatically block links, notify stakeholders, and coach employees the moment a risky link is detected.

Increase visibility in complex data sets

Simplify phishing detection in the confusing tangle of public and private channels and direct messages common to collaboration tools.

Support internal investigations

Aware's AI provides the context surrounding policy violations and event triggers, letting information security, legal, and compliance teams see the big picture.


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