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AWARE FOR INSIDER threat management

Detect threats before they damage your organization

Your people are both your greatest asset and your greatest risk. Stop insider threats in their tracks and in your chats with a platform designed for modern collaboration security.


What are insider threats?

Insider threats are one of the biggest security risks facing modern enterprises. These are users within the company’s physical or digital walls, who have access to sensitive information or systems and can exploit or misuse the data they find there. Insider risk can come from any employee, contractor, or business partner and be intentional or unintentional.

  • Malicious Insiders: Individuals with authorized access who intentionally misuse their privileges to cause harm. This could involve stealing sensitive information, committing fraud, or sabotaging systems. These insiders are typically behind the most costly data breaches.
  • Negligent Insiders: Employees who unintentionally pose a threat by disregarding security policies or failing to follow best practices. This might include accidentally sharing sensitive information or falling victim to social engineering attacks. These insiders are the most common source of data loss.

Why you need insider threat protection

Collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams provide new ways for negligent or malicious insiders to compromise company data. Companies need new ways to manage them.​

Secure your sensitive data and IP

Both accidental and malicious insiders can put company-held data at risk. Proactive detection of insider threats reduces data loss incidents.

Preserve your brand reputation

Insider breaches make headlines. Shield your organization from reputational harm and protect your relationship with customers, vendors, and partners.

Reduce time-to-context

Uncover the who, what, where, when, how, and why of potential insider threat incidents in minutes, not days, for faster resolution.

Remediate in real time

Continuous ingestion and analysis, backed by AI-powered automations, enable security teams to address and mitigate risks as they occur.

Boost employee morale

Support a culture of trust and cooperation by automatically training employees to prevent accidental or negligent threat incidents and quickly addressing malicious insiders.

Improve training and awareness

The majority of insider threat incidents are caused by accident or negligence. Real-time detection and coaching reinforces employee training.


Aware capabilities

Manage insider threats at the speed of collaboration

Protect your business from data theft, sabotage, and fraud with real-time insider threat management

AI-powered detection in near real time

Monitor across tools, channels and user groups to surface assets like images, screenshots, code, malicious links, credentials and more with human-level accuracy.

Know your people with key behavior indicators

Sentiment and health analysis surface pockets of toxicity and disgruntled behavior—before they cost your organization.

Automate policy enforcement

Reduce time to detect with actions that notify team members, engage content authors, hide, or remove data from platforms.

Assess and manage with full context

Contextual results combine with fast, federated search help you understand intent and the root cause behind behaviors.

Simplify security workflows

View alerts from the Aware dashboard, your collaboration platforms or connect to your SIEM.

Ensure complete data control

Leading security certifications combine with audit logs, data encryption, role and data-based access controls, and native information governance functionality to protect your valuable data.

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