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Collaboration Intelligence Platform

Aware is a collaboration intelligence platform that identifies and reduces risk, strengthens security and compliance, and uncovers real-time business insights from digital conversations at scale.



Protect your data and your people with complete, real-time visibility and centralized control of collaboration.

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Data Management

Take centralized control and make smarter decisions about what to keep and what to purge.

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Search & Discover

AI-powered universal search purpose-built for collaboration. Find information and surfaces the full story—faster.

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Automatically capture authentic human signals from modern collaboration to support your most valuable asset.

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Data Loss Prevention, Risk Mitigation & Compliance for Google Drive

Google Drive provides a central place to store and share files. Aware keeps this important data from falling through the cracks by integrating into centralized compliance and governance workflows and flagging risky behavior.

Automate data loss protection for files shared in Google Drive collaboration
Surface compliance violations and proactively enforce acceptable use policies
Monitor and protect sensitive data with advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Provide real-time coaching for employees violating information security policies

Aware’s Google Drive Integration Capabilities 

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Google Drive

Secure your data in Google Drive with advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) automations that work around the clock to monitor your company’s files and detect hidden risks.

Automated DLP Workflows

Get continuous oversight of the user data stored in your Google Drive with configurable automated workflows that ingest and analyze uploads in near real-time.

Insider Threat Detection

Intelligent analysis normalized for your organization applies your acceptable use policies to Google Drive data to flag unauthorized information faster.

Policy Violation Remediation

Automatically coach employees when policy violations are detected or configure workflows to notify information security and business leaders for manual review.

Risk Mitigation for Google Drive

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) workflows informed by industry-leading Natural Language Processing (NLP) provide enhanced risk mitigation capabilities.

RegEx and Keyword Detection

Uncover more instances of risky information sharing in Google Drive with automated detection of compromising content by regular expression (RegEx) or keyword.

Continuous, Real-Time Analysis

Scan for information security risks around the clock with near real-time data ingestion and analysis for continuous data protection.

Reduce Business Blind Spots

Consolidate and manage the sprawling datasets of Google Drive from a centralized information governance platform for a single source of truth.

Compliance Adherence for Google Drive

Secure your compliance posture and meet the needs of regulators and internal policies within Google Drive datasets with compliance adherence from Aware.

Support Regulatory Requirements

Configurable workflows protect your Google Drive data and ensure compliance with regulations such as FINRA, HIPAA and GDPR.

Establish Acceptable Use

Define what information security looks like for your organization and enforce acceptable use policies with automated detection and real-time coaching.

Surface Real-Time Noncompliance

Take a proactive approach to compliance adherence in Google Drive with real-time data ingests that uncover noncompliance faster for enhanced mitigation.


What Google Drive Plans are available? Which do I need to implement Aware?

Google Drive offers a range of different plans for personal and business users. Personal users access their plans through Google One, the umbrella term for Google’s personal storage management system. Google One includes free Google apps such as Docs and Sheets, free and upgradable storage, and a personal Gmail address. Google Workspace is Google’s business offering, previously known as G Suite. It includes a package of Google apps, individual and company storage, and business domain email accounts. Aware is compatible with Google Drive for Google Workspace. Therefore, a Google Workspace account is required to connect Google Drive to Aware’s contextual intelligence platform. 

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Human Behavior Risk Analysis


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