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Data Loss Prevention and Compliance Adherence in Google Drive

by Aware

Aware is excited to announce its latest integration partner, Google.

The monitoring application in the Aware platform now enhances Google Drive for data loss prevention, compliance adherence and more.

Data Loss Prevention

Monitoring for data loss prevention helps pinpoint risks inside scattered collaboration datasets. Aware surfaces sensitive data across all areas of the collaboration ecosystem and takes immediate, automated action. This helps to address various risks within this ever-growing dataset. Without a consolidated view into collaboration ecosystems like Aware, enterprises run the risk of costly data exposures.

For example, an enterprise engineer may be working with confidential intellectual property and happens to share the source code with other employees within private collaboration messages. This may seem like innocent collaboration between employees, but unfortunately that is not always the case. If valuable company information is put into the wrong hands, it can be exfiltrated outside of company walls. Ignoring blind spots such as this type of scenario can result in breaches, fines, and impact to brand reputation for the enterprise.

With Aware, enterprises can automatically detect confidential information within collaboration conversations, and Google Drive files, remediate on sensitive data, and keep records of the incident for auditing purposes.

Noncompliance Identification & Remediation

Oftentimes, enterprises lack visibility into collaboration data, or omit it from compliance requirements and enforcements. With Aware, end users can proactively discover, classify, and manage risks to meet requirements and address the following:

  • Internal compliance and acceptable use
  • Regulatory compliance regimes including HIPAA, PCI, FINRA, GDPR, and more

With a solution like Aware, compliance violations can be detected in near real-time for immediate alerting, remediation, and automated coaching directly in the platform.

Aware continues to expand our integration strategy with leading vendors like Google to fulfill our vision of being everywhere collaboration happens. Our Google Drive support is our first advancement into file-based collaboration conversations. Supporting file-based content housed within platforms such as Google Drive is critical as collaboration remains a primary driver of business communications across the digital workplace.

Aware’s forward looking integration strategy is to continue to strive to surface risk and uncover business opportunities across entire collaboration ecosystems.

Interested in learning more? Visit Aware's Google Drive integrations page.

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