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See the big picture by understanding trends in collaboration behavior, identifying commonly discussed themes, tracking aggregate sentiment, and spotting potential issues and opportunities in your organization.


Learn From YourCollaboration Data

Behavioral Insights

Our behavioral trend analysis leverages Aware’s proprietary AI and natural language processing (NLP) models for accurate, ongoing understanding of aggregate employee sentiments.

  • Track collective trends and shifts in conversations
  • Understand if collective themes increase or decrease over time
  • Identify toxic behaviors across collaboration platforms
Topic Insights

See the hot-button issues that drive or block employee happiness and react proactively to change early on.

  • Understand how corporate messaging and programs resonate with employees
  • Identify where and when employees discuss key topics over time
  • Track the topics of greatest interest to different departments or regions

Make Change Management a Breeze

Change spurs conversation across many platforms. Aware shines a light on the way employees discuss new strategic initiatives and goals, acquisitions, and leadership announcements.


Deliver Value to Every Team

Use Spotlight to gain insights that help customer success, people ops, security, and other departments do their jobs better.