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Aware Partners

Empowering employees and organizations with behavior-driven, real-time signals from the workplace.

The entire Aware team is committed to capturing a multi-billion dollar opportunity with our Partners. Together, we will help leading Enterprises transform their businesses by better meeting the needs of their employees and customers.
Jeff Schumann
Jeff Schumann
CEO, Aware

Driving customer value, together

Whether you provide solutions, deliver services or integrate technology, our partner program makes it easy and highly impactful to work with Aware.


Technology Partners

Aware works with a set of technology partners that deliver collaboration, security, and cloud solutions to their customers. Together, we bring comprehensive, mission critical security and analytics capabilities to their software and cloud platforms. We also innovate on new applications using Aware’s Context API.

Solution Partners

Aware’s solution partners include leading technology resellers and solution providers that solve business problems with innovative solutions. These partners work with customers of all sizes and across numerous industries. In addition to the private sector, Aware has solution partners that focus on the public sector, including the US Federal, State and Local government entities.

Services Partners

Aware’s services and consulting partners leverage our Risk intelligence and Organizational insights to enhance their digital transformation, human capital, and cybersecurity services for their clients. This includes understanding the employee experience, innovating to deliver great customer experiences and delivering complete cybersecurity capabilities to some of the most demanding enterprises in the world.

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World Wide Technology is pleased to partner with Aware, a cutting-edge leader in collaboration intelligence and security, to provide our customers with deeper insights that will enable them to bolster their businesses and improve employee satisfaction, while making them more secure in the process.
Marlan K. Hardie, Chief Digital Officer, World Wide Technology.
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Channel Partner Program Overview

Aware is building a channel ecosystem that will accelerate growth, open new revenue streams, and support client success.

$60 million in Series C funding led by Goldman Sachs

The round will help the company scale its AI-driven, human-centric SaaS solutions for collaboration governance and data insights.