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Review top collaboration risk and security solutions and see how Aware compares.

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Powering workflows across the enterprise

Aware helps teams manage communications and deliver confident decisions rooted in real-time data

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Trusted by the Fortune 100

Data loss prevention

Mitigates sensitive information sharing in collaboration tools.

Insider risk management

Industry-leading NLP sentiment analysis detects toxicity and negativity in real time.

Federated forensic search

Expedites eDiscovery and internal investigations with complete contextual results.

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Netskope Alternatives for Compliance
Netskope alternatives for DLP
Netskope Alternatives for Insider Threat
Netskope Alternatives for Security
Nightfall AI Alternatives for DLP
Onna Alternatives for Data Management and eDiscovery
Theta Lake Alternatives for Security and Regulatory Compliance

Aware: A single platform to address risks and deliver continuous value.

  • Analyze messages, images and attachments in near real-time
  • Detect PII/PCI/PHI, IP, code, passwords, screenshots, NSFW images and more
  • Manage your collaboration environment from a single, secure platform