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Enhance your risk posture with real-time password detection

Leverage the industry's only password detection models for chat conversations to mitigate risks in collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.


The scale of password sharing in collaboration

Research by Aware data scientists has revealed that in an average month, a workforce of just 100 employees will share passwords six times in collaboration tools like Slack and Teams. By default, these tools retain data indefinitely, and that means over time they represent a growing threat surface area from which hackers and malicious actors can gain access to an untold number of company products, accounts, and restricted documents.

While users are getting smarter about knowing where and how to share passwords, with instances falling from 1:262 messages in 2018 to 1:5000 today, organizations cannot rely on employees self-policing to protect passwords and other login credentials. Even a single password can cause catastrophic damage to a brand's IP, reputation, and market share, and hackers are increasingly targeting collaboration tools as a first step toward larger data breaches and hacks.


Why proactive password detection matters

Password proliferation in collaboration tools is a major risk surface area going largely unaddressed, but mitigating this behavior is critical for a robust information security posture.

Avoid operational disruptions

Password leaks and associated hacks and breaches can lead to authorized users being locked out of their accounts or workflows being disrupted. 

Protect all your tools and systems

Password proliferation in collaboration tools gives malicious actors the opportunity to breach multiple accounts using data from a single source.

Secure your infosec procedures

Leaked passwords can identify a company's preferred format or pattern, increasing the likelihood of future breaches using brute force attacks.

Maintain regulatory compliance

Password-sharing can lead to data breaches that put companies out of compliance with data protection regulations such as HIPAA or GDPR.

Defend IP and company data

Bad actors can use found passwords to exfiltrate data from secure tools and systems, distributing it to others or holding the company to ransom.

Foster a culture of security

Proactively enforcing acceptable use policies surrounding password sharing in collaboration tools encourages accountability and security.

Aware capabilities

Detect passwords in chat messages

Reduce risks with real-time password detection for collaboration messages.

Identify policy violations as they occur

Aware continuously ingests and analyzes messages from tools like Slack and Teams, enabling real-time password detection for in-the-moment mitigation.

Secure your fastest-growing data set

Collaboration tool data is growing exponentially, as are the risks it contains. Aware's industry-leading NLP and ML models are the first to be able to detect password-sharing in this data.

Connect to existing workflows

Choose where and how to receive Aware's context-rich alerts, take automated actions to mitigate password sharing, and adjust the notification threshold to reduce alert fatigue and increase results accuracy.

Enforce acceptable use

Automated coaching educates employees in real time as violations are detected, tackling noncompliant behaviors at source to deter future occurances.

Enhance security and compliance

Continuous password monitoring in collaboration tools demonstrates your ongoing commitment to preserving security and compliance across the organization.


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