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Frontline Insights, Data Protection & Legal Compliance for WorkJam

WorkJam provides targeted communication, surveys, mobile learning, task and audits, crowd-staffing, and more to drive the results you need on the front line. With Aware, organizations can protect this enterprise digital workspace, uncover organizational insights, and remain safe and compliant.

Uncover frontline insights that help you support and retain your best employees and improve customer experience

Secure WorkJam messages to spot and mitigate concerns in the digital workplace in near real time

Satisfy legal and compliance requirements  with eDiscovery, data holds and centralized governance

Unlock advanced data loss prevention (DLP) with forensic search and 24/7 automated workflows

WorkJam eDiscovery and DLP solution from Aware

Aware's Workjam Integration Capabilities

Frontline Insights for WorkJam

Aware uncovers vital insights from the front line and bridges the gap between the break room and the boardroom with next-generation people and organizational intelligence.

Employee Experience

Organically surface the topics trending on the front line and illuminate the employee voice for smarter, faster, more impactful decision making.

Key Initiative Tracking

Visualize how frontline sentiment fluctuates to improve top-down messaging and better understand the adoption of new initiatives, tools and benefits.

Toxicity Hotspot Detection

Get advanced warning when negativity festers with industry-leading Natural Language Processing (NLP) that identifies toxicity before it becomes widespread.

Data Protection for WorkJam

With Aware for WorkJam, companies safeguard their valuable conversation data from a centralized platform with automated, configurable controls.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Shield sensitive data from loss or misuse with automated DLP workflows backed by intelligent Machine Learning processes for real-time oversight and automated actions.

Forensic Search

Save time conducting investigations in WorkJam with federated search capabilities refined by AI filters for sentiment, toxic speech and specific behaviors.

Insider Threats

Reduce the risk posed by malicious insiders with proactive insider threat detection capabilities that flag unauthorized or unusual activity for review.

Legal Compliance for WorkJam

Ensure full adherence to legal and regulatory requirements and internal policies with continuous compliance adherence for WorkJam.


Gain complete visibility into your WorkJam environment with smart eDiscovery tools that support efficient search, analysis and data exports.

Data Holds

Implement effortless data holds from a defensible archive and make informed decisions about the value of your collaboration data to suit your company’s needs.

Acceptable Use Policy Enforcement

Centralize governance of your WorkJam environment and proactively enforce acceptable use policies with automated workflows that detect noncompliance and correct employees in real time.


What is WorkJam used for? What does WorkJam do?

WorkJam is a cloud-based employee management SaaS tool that helps businesses communicate better with their front line. WorkJam facilitates recruitment, scheduling, training, payment processing, internal communication and more for hourly and shift workers. Workers can communicate with leadership, collaborate with colleagues and have greater input in how and when they work with an app that lets them become part of the big picture.

What industries use WorkJam?

WorkJam is widely used by companies in the service and hospitality industries, healthcare, finance, logistics, manufacturing and more. WorkJam provides employee relationship management for any company with hourly or shift workers, from big box retailers to law firms.

Which companies use WorkJam?

Some of the world’s biggest brands use WorkJam for hourly human resource management and frontline collaboration, including Shell, Ulta, an iconic tech giant and a leading big box store.

Which employees can use WorkJam? Is it just a frontline employee tool?

WorkJam drives workforce orchestration at every level of the company. Through integrations with top collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Salesforce, frontline workers have the opportunity to join the conversation and forge new connections and greater cooperation with colleagues in the corporate branch of the business.

How do companies maintain regulatory compliance in WorkJam?

The WorkJam Employee Relationship Management Platform supports key regulations and helps companies to meet industry needs through partnership with compliance management platforms like Aware. Aware empowers WorkJam customers to adhere to internal and external policies and surface risks in real time, reducing the threat of malicious insiders or data breaches.

Does WorkJam have native DLP functionality?

Aware streamlines Data Loss Prevention (DLP) functionality in WorkJam through automated data protection and remediation workflows customized for each business’s unique needs. Companies use Aware to take control of information security in WorkJam datasets.

Is WorkJam GDPR compliant?

Aware supports GDPR compliance in the WorkJam digital workplace through intelligent automations that isolate messages by custodian in the Aware archive. This makes it easier for companies to comply with employees’ Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) as outlined by the GDPR by identifying their personal data in a timely fashion.

How does Aware enable eDiscovery for WorkJam?

Aware delivers complete, 360-degree oversight of WorkJam collaboration messages, including public, private and group conversations, revisions and deletions. Federated search capabilities enable faster eDiscovery and improved information security by narrowing results using Artificial Intelligence-powered filters that cut through the noise and increase relevance.

What file types does Aware export eDiscovery results to?

Aware supports outsourcing exports to all major eDiscovery software in DAT, CSV and PDF (singular results only) formats.

Can Aware detect PII or PHI being shared in WorkJam?

Aware uses world-class data science and industry-leading Natural Language Processing (NLP) trained on millions of real collaboration messages to analyze digital conversations in near real-time and identify more cases where sensitive information is shared. When Aware detects PII or PHI being shared in WorkJam, automated workflows help alert managers, coach employees and remediate sensitive information sharing in WorkJam.

What message types can Aware support in WorkJam?

WorkJam enables users to send a range of message types, including public group messages, private group messages, and direct messages. Aware supports all WorkJam message formats, ensuring that business leaders maintain full oversight and compliance within WorkJam.

Does Aware support other collaboration tools as well as WorkJam?

Aware collaboration intelligence platform provides security, risk management and business intelligence capabilities for all major collaboration tools, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Workplace from Meta. Aware ingests data from collaboration tools into a holistic, centralized repository for greater oversight and faster, easier understanding and management of the entire collaboration ecosystem from one single source of truth. Contact us to learn more about how Aware empowers IT departments to deliver infosec solutions and business insights in collaboration tools.

What business intelligence insights does Aware provide for WorkJam?

Aware uses proprietary machine learning and industry-leading Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enrich WorkJam messages with sentiment and conversation health analysis scores normalized for each individual company. This data is collected and analyzed at an aggregate level to provide businesses with insightful understanding of how sentiment shifts across the organization in near real time. Some of the world’s leading enterprises trust Aware to help them understand their organization’s culture and health at scale.

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