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Collaboration Data Governance

How IT can lead Legal & Security into the future of work

Almost 80% of employees use collaboration tools for work purposes

Managing Collaboration Chaos is a Team Sport

Understanding and executing on the ever-growing challenge of managing collaboration data chaos is a team sport. Smart IT leaders recognize the blind spots that live in collaboration datasets. Aware can help improve your risk posture by forging connections between IT and stakeholders in legal, information security and compliance teams. In this whitepaper, we share five best practices that leading enterprises use when implementing a unified strategy for governance, risk, and compliance for this unstructured dataset.

Make it Actionable with the following Best Practices:
  1. Understand the scale of your collaboration ecosystem
  2. Establish your specific needs and stakeholders
  3. Discover where data resides and articulate goals and requirements
  4. Reframe end processes and permissions
Aligning Legal IT & Security Risks | 5 Best Practices

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