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AWARE FOR Data back-up

Data retention and preservation for Slack & Microsoft Teams

Comply with the electronic records retention requirements set by the SEC, FINRA, FCA, and others with Aware's secure, simple collaboration data back-up solution.

What is data RETENTION?

What is data back-up for Slack and Microsoft Teams?

Data back-up, or data retention, is the practice of storing and managing data for a specific period. Several factors impact how long data is retained, including regulatory and legal requirements, the value of the data to the company, and the cost of storage. While collaboration tools like Slack and Teams can retain user data indefinitely, these archives are often incomplete and difficult to access, potentially placing sensitive information at risk.

Data retention and preservation policies for Slack and Teams enable administrators to take control of their collaboration tools by applying the same rules to those datasets as they do to the rest of their company data, thereby capturing a complete record of all content, including edits and deletions.

importance of data PRESERVATION

Why you need data retention for Slack and Teams

With increased regulatory interest in collaboration tool data, back-ups for Slack and Teams are an essential component of a comprehensive security posture in these often-overlooked datasets.​

Fulfill compliance obligations

Comply with archiving requirements under regulations such as FINRA, SEC 17a-4, and HIPAA.

Data loss prevention

Maintain an independent data archive against cases of corruption, accidental deletion, or malicious activity.

Enable legal investigations

Searchable archives support eDiscovery, forensic search, and internal investigations by legal, compliance, and people teams.

Promote knowledge management

Improve new employee onboarding by providing access to historical communications and ensure retention of critical information during offboarding.

Defend against insider threats

Mitigate the risk posed by malicious or negligent insiders by retaining a full record of activity within the digital workplace.

Understand your data

Routine backups encourage businesses to periodically review and assign value to the data they hold.


Aware capabilities

Simplify data preservation with Aware

Automatically retain collaboration data across all platforms in a contextualized, search-ready state.

Set custom retention policies

Define granular, individualized retention policies across the enterprise based on integrated platforms, collaboration channels, data types and people sets.

Preserve key knowledge and context

Preserve in-line images, modifications, reactions, and replies for a 360-degree view of communication.

Streamline forensics and investigations

With a single search, easily retrieve, review, and export the data you are looking for in its original, contextualized format.

Connect to current workflows

Manage and automate data retention across collaboration tools from Aware’s centralized platform or use the Aware API to connect to your global holds tool.

Ensure data protection and security

Protect against unauthorized access with security features including audit logs and role-based access control.

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