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Gaining Control of Your Collaboration Data

Managing Legal and IT Risks Across the New Security Blindspot

A company with 5,000 employees will produce over 30M messages each year

How do you balance efficiency and risk?

As an IT leader, you want to implement tools that help employees do their jobs without adding to your workload. Excessive controls, while intended to drive tighter security in your collaboration ecosystem, often lead to shadow IT or freemium solutions that create additional risk. So how do you address the risks that undoubtedly live within these tools? In this webinar, Aware’s Chief Legal & Data Protection Officer Brian Mannion speaks with Chief Technology Evangelist Chris Plescia about aligning IT and legal departments on risk management in this modern data set.

Manage your risk posture with insights from top legal and IT experts

This short webinar arms you with the information you need to make informed decisions about mitigating risk in your collaboration data. In it, you’ll learn:

  1. Discover the extent of noncompliant information sharing in collaboration tools
  2. Learn how courts and regulators are responding to this dataset
  3. Define where to implement controls to balance efficiency and risk
  4. Understand why you need to take action to mitigate these risks now
Gaining Control of Your Collaboration Data

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