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Insider Threats and the 21st Century CISO

De-Risking Collaboration with Malcolm Harkins

The average malicious insider exfiltrates 80,000 records

Reduce your risk surface within collaboration

The world of information security and risk is always evolving. The momentous adoption of collaboration tools, increase in insider threats, and influx of unstructured data in business environments have created new blind spots where risks flourish. Watch the webinar to learn about the strategies that information security leaders can deploy to tackle these challenges.

The 21st century CISO

In this episode of our De-Risking Collaboration Webinar series, experienced information security leaders Malcolm Harkins and Chris Plescia discuss:

  1. The increase in insider threats as it relates to collaboration environments
  2. Privacy and security by design: optimizing to ensure you have both
  3. The 21st Century CISO: how modern CISO and other C Suite Executives should approach this new era of collaboration
This is part 2 of a two-part discussion with Malcolm Harkins, a former chief security and privacy officer and now executive coach to CISOs and other information security leaders. Be sure to watch Part 1: People as the Perimeter in Collaboration.
Insider Threats and the 21st Century CISO

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