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With Aware, we were able to catch a flaw in our permissions that we otherwise would have missed. Not only did it improve our security, it strengthened our company culture.

Employee Experience Manager


A non-profit implemented Aware to help identify violations of their acceptable use policy. In the beginning, they had received only a few alerts on inappropriate conversations – however, suddenly they noticed a huge uptick in violations of their acceptable use policy and needed to figure out why.

Using Aware's Signal and Search & Discover applications, their HR team made a problematic discovery: not only were their employees able to invite their personal non-employee friends to the organization’s collaboration platform, but they were actively inviting dozens of them.

With this valuable knowledge, they enabled the appropriate security settings in their collaboration tools to ensure only employees could use them. They also implemented additional security measures, including two-factor authentication, and used this as a coaching tool for their acceptable use policy.

 Uncovering the Context
Improved Risk Posture

The average risk incident costs a business more than $500k.

Uncovering the Context
Improved Company Culture

88% of job seekers say a healthy culture at work is vital for success.


Thriving in the Future of Work

30+ stories of leadership inspired by the employee experience


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