How Does Aware's Yammer Retention Tool Help With Regulatory Compliance?

by Matt Huber

Many risk-adverse companies find that keeping their Yammer content for too long is a risky practice when disaster strikes.  Disaster can come in many forms; a security breach, lawsuit, information ex-filtration and more.

Many companies decide that they want to purge their Yammer data every 6 months to 3 years. So how do you accomplish this task?

Microsoft will refer you to the Yammer API, or you can use a turnkey product like Aware. At Aware, we have a Yammer data retention tool that gives your company the flexibility to purge content from Yammer in many ways. 

Want to purge all private messages every 3 months? We can do that. 

Want to purge all files every 6 months? No problem. 

Want to purge all data every year? We have you covered. 

Aware Unlocks Digital Collaboration for Regulated Industries

These types of scenarios helped solve a host of problems that a customer of ours, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) a global healthcare company, was looking to solve.


 "We were able to allow many regulated users to start using Yammer in a safe fashion and keep GSK ahead of their regulatory and compliance concerns. Healthcare, financial services, and many other industries are required to consider regulatory compliance as it relates to Yammer governance," Francis explains.

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