For IT & Collaboration Owners
Deliver safe, secure collaboration while satisfying the needs of stakeholders across the business

For Security
Improve your risk posture with a purpose-built solution for collaboration

For Legal
Scale, orchestrate and streamline your eDiscovery process for employee collaboration
For Compliance
Establish a proactive approach to collaboration compliance and information governance

For Employee Experience
Harness insights from surveys and collaboration data to transform the employee experience

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The Human Behavior Risk Analysis

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Connect Aware to the tools you already use to have all your company messaging in one place.

Our Platform

Contextual Intelligence Platform

Aware is a contextual intelligence platform that identifies and reduces risk, strengthens security and compliance, and uncovers real-time business insights from digital conversations at scale.

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Our Applications


Protect your data and your people with complete, real-time visibility and centralized control of collaboration.

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Data Management

Take centralized control and make smarter decisions about what to keep and what to purge.

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Search & Discover

AI-powered universal search purpose-built for collaboration. Find information and surfaces the full story—faster.

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Automatically capture authentic human signals from modern collaboration to support your most valuable asset.

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How Aware customers streamline operations, reduce risk, and boost productivity

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Automating enterprise workflows from communication data

Aware integrates with Slack, Teams, Zoom, and other employee data sources to gain visibility and context into your people, brand and business.

• Understand employee intent to transform the employee experience.
• Streamline data governance, compliance, and legal workflows

• Address risk, data loss, and incidents with confidence


Secure the Digital Workplace and Reduce Operational Challenges

See how teams solve problems faster with an AI-powered platform

Aware for IT & Collaboration Owners

Manage your collaboration tech stack while satisfying stakeholders across legal, security and compliance. Administer successful collaboration at scale with Aware’s secure, trustworthy and powerful platform.

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How we help

Security →
DLP, data management, remediation, forensics and investigations

Compliance →
Information governance, data retention, acceptable use policy enforcement

Legal →
eDiscovery, early case assessment, data preservation and legal holds


Aware for Security Teams

Leverage AI to control and protect your collaboration ecosystem. Safeguard against data loss, automate data management, accelerate incident response, and expedite forensic research by elevating the visibility of threats.

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How we help

Data Loss Protection →
Unify, understand, and assess risk from unstructured messaging within minutes.

Insider Risk →
Automatically identify and mitigate human behavior risks in collaboration tools like Slack, Teams, and Zoom.

Forensics & Investigations →
Efficiently conduct internal or compliance investigations across digital conversation datasets.


Aware for Legal Teams

Enable accurate, efficient eDiscovery at scale. Reduce your time to context, minimize false positives, and optimize your workflow with an AI-powered solution that simplifies collections, document review and data preservation.

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How we help

eDiscovery →
Search, analyze, and export data from multiple tools with one centralized platform.

Records Retention →
Control your data from a central repository with one-click legal holds and granular retention for collaboration tools.

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Early case assessments and investigations are quick and easy with Aware.


Aware for Compliance Teams

Stay compliant with internal, external and regulatory requirements. Harness the power of AI to monitor, investigate and govern compliance across your collaboration platforms.

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How we help

Compliance Adherance →
Seamlessly enforce internal, industry, and regulatory requirements in real-time.

Records Retention →
Control your data from a central repository with one-click legal hods and granular retention



Aware for Employee Experience Teams

Transform your total experience. Gain a deeper understanding from your surveys, leverage the power of passive listening to enhance the employee experience, and stay in front of potential crises with EX solutions designed to elevate your brand.

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How we help

Identify Toxic Hot Spots →
Proactively protect your employees and your company culture.

Key Initiative Tracking →
Understand trending topics, themes, and overall sentiment across the enterprise, teams, and projects.

Business Unit Feedback Loop →
Uncover key information about how your business is running to drive critical business operational decisions and surface new opportunities.

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Upload your survey data into Aware and receive a free report outlining key themes and actionable takeaways.



See how Aware powers the modern experience workflow

Using Aware, companies have reduced employee turnover by up to 50%, internal investigation time by 30%, and save millions of dollars annually.


When we implemented Workplace by Meta, we needed guardrails in place ASAP. We had no idea what they would look like, but Aware surpassed our expectations. Aware gave us real-time visibility into everything from safety risks to operational pain points. This allowed us to feel confident that our digital environment was safe and secure, and that our employees are as well. We have now unlocked efficiencies we didn't even think were possible.

Digital Collaboration Owner | Global Restaurant Chain

Before Aware, we lacked visibility into whether customer data was being shared on Slack. We knew that we were potentially sitting on a landmine of risk. Aware has allowed us to proactively approach compliance and get ahead of potential violations. In addition to financial savings, it has given us more peace of mind in using our collaboration platforms.

Senior Manager, Risk & Compliance | Technology Company

Thanks to Aware, our leadership team is now much more in sync with the needs of our employees. Aware goes beyond surveys and actively listens to and interprets the voice of our employees on a human level. This new level of understanding has transformed our culture, upleveled our customer and employee experience, and allowed us to remain at the forefront of innovation.

Communications Leader | Fortune 500 Company

Digital Workplace Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes 

Satisfy GRC, Security, and Legal Requirements

Confidently implement and drive adoption of your organization’s collaboration tools with Aware’s turnkey, all-in-one platform, designed to address the need of every business stakeholder. Fulfill GRC, security, and legal requirements while unlocking never-before-seen insight into your organization.

Address the Risks in Your Collaboration Environment

Gain quicker visibility and context with fewer resources thanks to Aware’s embedded governance, risk, and compliance capabilities. Stay ahead of the curve and maximize your budget with a solution that makes securing, surfacing, and searching conversation data seamless. AI-powered workflow simplification lets security teams work smarter to address any risks and legal teams find the needle in a haystack, faster.

Understand your workforce through employee experience listening

Our Employee Experience Listening transcends the limitations of surveys by bringing the voice of your employees to the forefront. The power of Aware’s proprietary AI models combines with your collaboration data to provide you with real-time, continuous feedback from all corners of your organization.

What’s in your data?

Collaboration tools have quickly become the primary hub for communication within organizations–stay protected from new threats and discover opportunities for businesses like yours.

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Leading data science & technology, backed by industry experts

Introducing the Aware Platform

Aware's modern AI architecture unlocks business value within communication data and accelerates the adoption of AI safely and responsibly.

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$60 million in Series C funding led by Goldman Sachs

The round will help the company scale its AI-driven, human-centric SaaS solutions for collaboration governance and data insights.

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Thriving in the Future of Work

How Aware customers streamline operations, reduce risk, and boost productivity

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5 Ways Innovative Leaders Use Collaboration Data

Watch the webinar to learn how collaboration data has quickly become the go-to source of data for helping the C-Suite keep their pulse on the business and needs of employees.

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Made for this moment. Aware’s product vision for the enterprise of tomorrow

You might wonder, what is your greatest asset if not your people? It’s how you empower your people.

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