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AWARE FOR Content moderation

Content moderation at the speed of collaboration

Protect your collaboration environments and foster a healthy company culture with a platform that enables faster, easier content moderation.

About collaboration content moderation

What is content moderation?

Content moderation safeguards communications in workplace collaboration tools by identifying sensitive, harmful, or inappropriate content in real time and taking corrective action when necessary. This process ensures that workplace chatter aligns with company policies, professional standards, and legal regulations.​

By implementing content moderation for tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, organizations can maintain a secure and inclusive digital workspace, fostering a productive and respectful environment for team collaboration. Continuous content moderation also enables workflows across the enterprise, supporting the work of legal, compliance, security, and HR teams.​

IMPORTANCE OF Content moderation

Why you need content moderation

A comprehensive content moderation solution can mitigate risk and ensure continuous regulatory compliance for complex collaboration datasets.​

Ensure compliance across your entire stack

Augment content moderation in email, cloud storage, and other technology systems with real-time continuous compliance monitoring for collaboration tools.

Protect your company culture

Identify and filter out harmful language, hate speech, and harassment as they occur, promoting employee trust, improving company culture, and staying ahead of toxicity.

Secure regulated data

Content moderation solutions can search using regular expression (regex), keyword, Boolean logic, and customizable parameters to detect PII/PCI/PHI and more.

Reduce administrative burden

Break free of manual searches and administrator reviews with smart compliance moderation that analyzes messages around the clock in real time.

Automate compliance workflows

Reduce legal risks and liabilities with moderation capabilities that trigger automatic responses whenever potentially sensitive or restricted content is identified.

Defend your IP

Apply granular controls to company-owned data and prevent the accidental or malicious loss of passwords, code, and files.


Aware capabilities

Enable faster, easier content moderation with Aware

Control, surface, evaluate, and remove user-created content from across collaboration tools within one platform.

Govern all content from a single platform

Aggregate and manage content from across collaboration platforms with a single workflow.

Develop custom policies that fit your unique culture

Create detailed, precise rules and policies to identify spam or prohibited, harmful, and unlawful text, videos, images, and files in near real-time.

Leverage AI-powered detection

Use the industry’s most accurate NLP and CV models to detect toxic and abusive speech, in addition to NSFW images, passwords, and code.

Simplify content evaluation and removal

Remediate policy violations in an instant with contextualized results and pre-set alerting, bi-directional deletion, shielding, and content author coaching.

Secure employee and company data

Protect data access and employee privacy with features that include role based access and message visibility controls.

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