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AWARE FOR workforce sentiment analysis

Uncover real-time workforce sentiment analysis

Deliver a better employee experience and simplify strategic decisions with a platform designed to unlock detailed insight into the mood across the enterprise.

About employee sentiment analysis

What is sentiment analysis?

Workforce sentiment analysis is the process of analyzing employee feedback and other unstructured data to understand how people feel about every aspect of their overall work experience. Sentiment analysis can be a part of a larger employee listening strategy and help executives improve the employee experience by making informed decisions about what’s best for the enterprise and its people.​

Sentiment analysis utilizes various methods, including surveys, roundtables, and NLP/AI-driven passive listening within collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams to gauge the overall sentiment and emotional well-being of the workforce. The goal is to uncover the true voice of the employee with insights that can help improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity.​

IMPORTANCE OF employee sentiment analysis

Why you need employee sentiment analysis

Used correctly, employee sentiment analysis can improve the employee experience, raise retention rates, and lead to a happier, more productive workplace.​

Elevate your company culture

Overcome hesitancy in low-trust environments and tap into authentic insights that give a true picture of sentiment in the workforce, not what employees think you want to hear.

Enhance leadership effectiveness

Passive listening enables businesses to collect aggregate feedback from across the organization, not just the voices most willing to speak up.

Improve employee satisfaction and retention

Understand what really motivates employees to stay or leave and tackle the primary causes of turnover and dissatisfaction directly.

Optimize employee and customer experiences

Sentiment analysis provides valuable insights into top sources of frustration for customers and employees alike, enabling data-driven decisions that result in real change.

Get feedback from across the enterprise

Cut through red tape and bureaucratic hierarchies to hear directly from employees at every level, from the break room to the boardroom.

Defend against toxicity and harassment

Real-time sentiment analysis provides early warning when company culture is damaged, giving leaders the opportunity to address issues before they fester.

Aware capabilities

Get insight into the mood across the enterprise with Aware

View real-time sentiment analysis, trending topics, and insights from your collaboration data with purpose-built models.

Take the pulse of your people with one platform

Unify data from collaboration tools, surveys and social media for insight into sentiment across platforms, groups of people and over time.

Identify organizational mood and health

Extract sentiment and toxicity at a high level thanks to NLP models that outperform Meta, Google, and Microsoft.

Understand what’s top of mind for employees

Access feedback into campaigns, initiatives and areas of concern with contextualized themes, topic reports, and detailed dashboards.

Protect employee and customer privacy

Choose the level of access you have into collaboration data and preserve employee privacy with dedicated security features.

Tell a meaningful story—powered by data

Generative AI-powered summaries, informed by viewable public message verbatims, provide representative, accessible and actionable takeways.


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