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Unlock the Human Signals from Digital Collaboration to Protect & Engage Employees

Drive employee engagement and satisfaction using data generated by digital collaboration tools

Learn how a multi-billion company increased productivity by 60%

Unlock the Human Signals that drive employee engagement

Solving any business challenge starts with people — really listening to people. But how does this scale as your organization grows? How do you unlock the human and behavioral insights that amplify the employee voice so you can get an authentic, timely read on the challenges you need to tackle?

Understand your employees

The collaboration tools that you implemented as part of your new digital ecosystem like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Workplace by Meta, and Microsoft Yammer hold the keys to understanding how to engage and retain your employees, how to manage concerns that are bubbling up on the frontline, how to protect your employees and your business from threats that can weaken company culture and cause damage to your organization’s reputation.

Digital collaboration isn't the Future of Work, it’s the here and now. Learn how to tap into the value it brings, beyond flexibility. Use it to build a better company.

Watch this video to learn:

  1. How to positively impact your organization, enable cultural change and increase employee retention
  2. Foundations for a thriving digital collaboration ecosystem (security, governance, compliance, insights)
  3. Case study: Learn how a billion-dollar health care org identified the cause of employee churn, took action, and saved millions on employee replacement costs.
How-To Drive Employee Engagement and Retention using Digital Collaboration Data

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