Don't spend hours reading survey responses. Get an AwareIQ report in minutes.

Aware provides the industry's best AI-powered text analysis for open-ended survey responses.


Spend your time analyzing insights rather than trying to discover them manually.

Leverage automated summaries to save manual review time
AwareIQ summarizes the survey responses for each question, removing the need to spend hours manually reviewing every response.

Review comprehensive themes with context
AwareIQ's natural language processing models extract themes and sub-themes of all responses. Double-click into each theme for deeper analysis.

Understand both sentiment and toxicity of responses
We believe it is crucial to understand both sentiment and toxicity of open-ended responses. Productive responses may be negative in sentiment, but overall healthy. As soon as a response starts turning toxic, there may be a larger problem to dig into.

Segment analysis by tenure, department, and other groupings
Context is key. That is why you can slice your reports by the various segments that you are interested in for your organization.

Report Summary

"Aware cut down my survey analysis by three days. I was able to generate the most comprehensive report my leadership team has ever seen. "

— Sr. Manager, Employee Relations

Here's how we do it

STEP 1 | Upload your survey responses
Export your survey responses from Qualtrics, Glint, CultureAmp, or any other survey provider. Then upload your survey responses into the Aware platform using our 100% secure file transfer process. 

STEP 2 | Aware uses natural language processing models to enrich the data, extract themes, and summarize responses
AwareIQ enriches each open-ended response with our proprietary natural language processing models. We then make this enriched data available for you for initial review within minutes.

STEP 3 | Refine your analysis with custom reports
Use Aware's custom reports to dive deeper into specific themes and develop further insights on how survey responses vary per tenure, work location, department, or other groupings.

AwareIQ Process

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Aware EX for Surveys Basic


One-time, next-gen AI analysis on up to 1000 responses for free. Get started today.                             

What you get:

  • Next-gen AI analysis up to 1000 open-ended survey responses
  • Shareable one-time report with top themes,  sentiment and toxicity breakdown, verbatims, and summaries

Aware EX for Surveys

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Full access to Aware and its models for your survey analysis. Leverage our AI and powerful search engine to glean more from your surveys.

What you get:

  • Next-gen AI analysis on all of your open-ended survey responses
  • Top themes, sentiment and toxicity breakdowns, verbatims, and summaries
  • Search responses for specific themes and keywords for deeper analysis
  • Compare survey responses over time
  • Breakdown responses per department, work location, and other groupings

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