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AWARE FOR Open-ended survey analysis

Turn survey response analysis into meaningful action

Spend your time actioning insights from surveys rather than manually uncovering them with a platform purpose-built to make sense of open-ended survey responses.

About OPen-ended survey analysis

What is open-ended survey analysis?

Open-ended survey responses, or write-in answers, are a powerful source of qualitative data gleaned from employee engagement surveys. Unlike closed-ended questions, which provide respondents with predefined choices, open-ends allow participants to express their thoughts and opinions in their own words. Analyzing these responses can provide rich insights into participants' perspectives, experiences, and sentiments.​

By examining and interpreting open-ended survey answers, organizations can delve deeper than traditional quantitative analysis, going beyond simple counts and percentages to understand the nuance of opinions, experiences, and motivations.​

IMPORTANCE OF open-ended survey analysis

Why you need open-ended survey analysis

Write-in survey responses are a vital component of any employee listening strategy, providing leaders with the information employees want them to hear, in their own words.​

Close the loop on survey feedback

Write-in response analysis gives survey leaders complete oversight of all questions and responses, not just those that are easiest to quantify.

Understand what employees want you to know

Consolidate thousands of open-ends and isolate the recurring themes and topics that affect employees across the organization.

Make more impactful decisions

Open-ended questions give employees the opportunity to share new insights and speak their minds, leading to better decision making at every level of the business.

Take a quantitative approach to qualitative data

Full oversight of write-in responses enables you to review all survey data with the same granularity of closed-ended questions, developing enhanced understanding of employee sentiment.

Overcome bias associated with manual analysis

Survey analysis built for open-ended questions can analyze thousands of messages in moments using the same framework to mitigate bias, mistakes, and fatigue.

Accelerate the speed of feedback

It can take months to analyze the results of traditional surveys. AI-powered open-end analysis can deliver insights in minutes.

Aware capabilities

Make sense of open-ended survey responses with Aware

Extract sentiment, meaning, themes, and summaries from open-ended responses originating from providers like Qualtrics, Glint, Medallia, and CultureAmp.

All your survey data, one platform

Upload open-ended survey data from any tool to unlock analysis in minutes and layer results with optional passive listening for richer insights across toolsets.

Understand how your teams truly feel

Uncover the collective sentiment behind responses with the industry’s most accurate sentiment NLP model.

Eliminate superficial word clouds

Dive deeper into responses with AI-powered comprehensive themes and sub-themes, complete with contextualized responses.

Unlock deeper audience segmentation

View reports by survey platform, time period, tenure, department, location and other company-defined parameters to identify patterns and trends.

Access representative and insightful summaries

Leverage generative AI-powered, actionable summaries and aggregate key takeaways while saving manual review time.


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