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How Aware customers streamline operations, reduce risk, and boost productivity

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5 Questions About Your Workforce You Can Answer With Survey Analysis From Aware

by Aware

Annual and pulse engagement surveys are a critical component of any organization’s feedback and employee listening strategy, but getting actionable, authentic results from surveys is still a challenge. Using Aware’s industry-leading AI and natural language processing analysis, HR leaders can now make sense of survey data in minutes, uncovering new insights that transform the way they listen to their people.

Report Summary

Start analyzing your employee survey results now

Here are just five examples of the type of questions that Aware EX for Surveys can answer using intelligent survey analysis and workflows from the Aware AI data platform.

Question 1: What topics do my employees consider the most impactful?

How much do your people really care about a new initiative? How controversial is a subject really? Looking beyond the loudest voices to understand the general feeling across the workplace can be tricky, and the results are rarely certain.

Aware EX for Surveys cuts through the noise to surface the subjects having the biggest impact across the board, not just among a noisy minority, helping leaders to understand where to focus their communication efforts for maximum impact.

Question 2: What is employee sentiment toward [leadership/benefits/the company]?

How do your people feel about the company? Are they happy, disgruntled, or “quiet quitting?” What’s the common perception of people in leadership roles, and how do employees feel about the perks and benefits offered by the business? Answers to all these questions and more can be easily surfaced with Aware EX for Surveys using keyword and regular expression searches and topic reporting workflows.

Instead of guessing how people feel or prioritizing the wrong initiative because not enough spoke up, trust Aware’s best-in-class sentiment analysis to uncover what employees really think about the most important aspects of the company and their jobs.

Question 3: Which areas of the business are the most toxic, and what triggers that toxicity?

Toxicity in the workplace is a major concern for every leader. Aware research shows that unaddressed toxicity can have a disproportionate impact on company culture, spreading from group to group until it infects the entire workplace. Toxic workplaces are blighted by low productivity, high turnover, and increased risk of legal action, both from former employees and industry regulators.

Addressing toxicity at source is therefore a key priority of any employee experience leader, and Aware EX for Surveys supports this mission with proprietary toxicity detection models that can pinpoint the areas of the business where toxicity festers. Uncover the causes of toxic behaviors and the topics that trigger them, and address toxicity at source with insights from Aware.


Download the Aware research report now to learn more about workplace toxicity

Question 4: How does [location/tenure/seniority] impact survey responses?

Simply taking aggregate survey responses at face value isn’t always the most reliable way of understanding what employees really think and feel. What leadership wants might be deeply unpopular on the front lines, for example. Or what employees in the office want could fail to meet the needs of their remote coworkers.

The ability to segment responses by location, tenure, seniority, and other variables is an essential component of any employee listening strategy. Aware’s reports can be customized to provide employee feedback in context, giving leaders greater opportunity to understand exactly how their people feel.

Question 5: What can I do with this data?

For many executives, the challenge of the modern workplace isn’t getting more data, but knowing what to do with the data they already have. Aware EX for Surveys supports making data actionable with tailored summaries of key findings. These summaries quickly highlight both positive and negative anomalies within the data, giving leaders a clear roadmap of topics they need to address.

Get the insights you need from employee engagement surveys with Aware

The Aware AI data platform for employee listening is built on an intelligent data fabric that enriches and contextualizes write-in survey responses using the industry’s most accurate natural language processing models—designed and built for this dataset. While other survey analysis tools rely on aggregate keyword detection, Aware’s models delve deeper, scoring each comment against proprietary benchmarks for sentiment and toxicity with near-human accuracy. The result is a nuanced, contextualized overview of what’s happening at every level within the organization.

Simply upload survey responses from any major provider, including Qualtrics, Glint, and CultureAm into Aware EX for Surveys using a completely secure file transfer process. Aware then analyzes and enriches the data and delivers results within minutes, not months.

Get started with Aware EX for Surveys for free today and begin listening authentically to what your employees are really trying to say.

AwareIQ Process

Turn survey analysis into action with Aware EX for Surveys

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