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Fulfill DSARs in minutes

Comply with GDPR, CCPA/CPRA and other data privacy regulations with a platform designed to accelerate the end-to-end DSAR process.

What is a DSAR?

What is a Data Subject Access Request?

A Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) is a legal right that individuals have to request access to the personal information that an organization holds about them. Both customers and employees have the same right to file a DSAR, but employee requests are typically far more complex, encompassing all data both about and created by the individual, such as messages exchanged in collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.​

The right to submit a DSAR is granted under a number of laws and regulations around the world, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), and Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).​

importance of data subject access requests

Why you need to manage DSARs

With fines running into the millions per incident, and only a short window in which to comply, getting ahead of potential DSARs is essential for businesses seeking to avoid regulatory penalties.​

Comply with regulatory obligations

DSAR compliance is a foundational part of any overall compliance adherence strategy and applies to all user-generated data, wherever it was created.

Meet tight timescales

DSAR requests must be fulfilled within 15-45 days, depending on jurisdiction, but manual searches of collaboration tool data may take much longer to complete.

Understand the data you hold

Gaining a full overview of all user-generated data enables you to make informed decisions about what to keep and what to purge.

Prepare for data removal requests

Identify company-owned information that should be retained in the event a data subject requests the removal of their information.

Limit the cost of compliance

Most expenses incurred by fulfilling DSARs cannot be passed onto the requester, meaning businesses can save costs by being prepared for DSARs before they occur.

Future-proof your organization

Data protection laws are gaining traction worldwide, making DSARs and Right to be Forgotten requests a key part of future compliance requirements.

Aware capabilities

Accelerate the DSAR process with Aware

Collect, secure, export, and remove personal data from across collaboration platforms with the click of a button.

Locate data across platforms in a single search

Search across platforms by custodian, keyword, location and more with AI-powered filtering that surfaces the data you need when you need it.

Enable complete data discovery

Collect in-line images, modifications, reactions, and surrounding context for a complete view of communication.

Ensure data portability

Package and export results in a variety of user-friendly formats, reducing the likelihood of fines.

Simplify the data rights fulfillment workflow

Orchestrate DSARs and data removal requests from Aware’s dashboard, or use Aware’s API to connect to your existing toolsets.

Remain audit-ready

Protect against data privacy violations with security controls including audit logs and role-based access control.

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