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Information Governance Checklist for Enterprise Collaboration

A useful checklist for creating governance strategies for remote collaboration

Companies waste $34B annually in licensing fees for unused software

Your organization’s collaboration data is unlike any other

It’s informal, unstructured, and filled with gifs, emojis, and reactions. Tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace by Meta, and Microsoft Yammer can improve productivity, but at a cost. This checklist from Aware helps stakeholders establish appropriate policies and procedures for managing this new data set.

Helping organizations to take charge of information governance

Using this checklist, you’ll identify:

  1. Who has access to the data —and who needs it
  2. If shadow IT exists in your system —and how to combat it
  3. Where your information governance and enrichment strategy is lacking
  4. How to safeguard and prevent loss of sensitive data
  5. When to implement streamlined legal and eDiscovery workflows
Information Governance Checklist for Enterprise Collaboration | Aware

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