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5 Ways Innovative Leaders Use Collaboration Data

…to mitigate risk and empower their people

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The new world of work is online, and tools like Slack, Teams, and Zoom enable digital conversations everywhere.

Locked within their massive unstructured datasets are the observations of the people who know your business best. Their insights are the key to empowering employee experience, enhancing customer focus, and delivering a stream of innovation that drives top-line growth.

Watch the webinar to learn how collaboration data has quickly become the go-to source of data for helping the C-Suite keep their pulse on the business and needs of employees, in a world moving at light speed.

Specifically, learn how:

  1. Operational insights provide immediate opportunity to gain efficiencies, unlock innovation and improve business performance.
  2. How the CIO commands a strategic view of the organization using collaboration data, while also protecting employees and the business.
  3. People insights drive a new level of employee engagement that delivers a better customer experience and unique competitive advantage.
  4. To identify Toxic Hotspots and enhance the Employee Experience, reducing worker turnover and improving productivity.
  5. AI and Automation can reduce the cost of litigation, ease eDiscovery and maintain compliance.
5 Ways Innovative Leaders Use Collaboration Data

Watch the webinar


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