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How Aware customers streamline operations, reduce risk, and boost productivity

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How to do eDiscovery in Workplace from Meta

by Aware

First Published Jun. 2023. Updated Mar. 2024.

Meta Workplace is shutting down on August 31, 2025. Learn what you can do to prepare for a successful transition.

Enterprise social networks like Workplace from Meta provide employees with a space to interact and build connections and are powerful tools for supporting your company culture. However, business leaders must understand their responsibilities to secure all the places where their employees connect and ensure they meet legal and regulatory obligations. In this post, we explore everything leaders need to know about eDiscovery in Workplace from Meta.

Workplace from meta  Laptop dashboard

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The incredible success of enterprise social networks and workstream collaboration platforms has transformed the way we communicate and collaborate in the workplace. Workplace from Meta (formerly known as Facebook Workplace) is a leading platform for team collaboration, enabling employees to asynchronously connect, share information, and work together.

This new digital age of enhanced productivity and collaboration also comes with new risks that businesses must recognize and address. In this blog post, we will explore what Workplace from Meta is, how it differs from Facebook, whether eDiscovery is possible on the platform, the challenges associated with eDiscovery in Workplace from Meta, and why eDiscovery holds significance in this context.


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What is Workplace from Meta?

Workplace from Meta is an enterprise social network that allows employees to connect and share information. Workplace was designed to enhance productivity and team building through features such as group discussions, live video streaming, file sharing, and integration with popular business tools. In addition, Workplace aims to provide a secure and familiar environment that mirrors the functionalities of Facebook, paired with the necessary controls for secure business use. It is the workplace collaboration platform of choice for enterprises around the globe.

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Is Workplace from Meta the same as Facebook?

Workplace from Meta is produced by the same company as Facebook and built upon the same foundation. For users, this creates a familiar experience that makes Workplace rollouts fast and effective. However, Workplace remains a separate platform to Facebook, designed specifically for professional use. While Facebook is primarily a social networking platform for personal connections, Workplace from Meta is focused on facilitating collaboration within work settings.

In addition, Workplace from Meta offers enhanced privacy and security features, ensuring that conversations and data shared on the platform remain within the confines of the organization. Additionally, Workplace from Meta provides administrative controls and analytics tools to help businesses manage and measure the effectiveness of their internal communications.

workplace from meta employee social network

Is it possible to do eDiscovery in Workplace from Meta?

eDiscovery is possible in Workplace from Meta datasets using a number of internal and third-party tools. Natively, Workplace provides eDiscovery capabilities in the form of data exports, retention policies, search and filtering functions, and audit logs and reporting. Using these tools, administrators and legal officers can respond to legal and compliance requests or perform early case assessment.

Some third-party integrations, such as Aware, enable advanced eDiscovery capabilities for Workplace from Meta. These support preservation and federated search within the electronically stored information (ESI) generated by Workplace.

5 eDiscovery challenges of Workplace from Meta:

  1. Volume of data: Workplace from Meta generates a significant volume of data, including messages, files, and multimedia content, making it challenging to sift through and identify relevant information during eDiscovery.
  2. Data fragmentation: As conversations and discussions happen across various groups and threads, relevant information might be dispersed, leading to difficulties in collecting and piecing together the complete context.
  3. Privacy and data protection: Balancing the requirements of eDiscovery with privacy regulations and data protection laws can pose challenges, as organizations need to strike a balance between legal compliance and safeguarding sensitive employee data.
  4. Cross-border data transfers: If an organization operates globally, navigating cross-border data transfer regulations and ensuring compliance with data privacy laws in different jurisdictions can complicate the eDiscovery process.
  5. Metadata preservation: Metadata, such as timestamps and user information, play a crucial role in establishing the context and authenticity of digital communications. However, preserving metadata from Workplace from Meta can be complex, requiring specialized tools and expertise.

workplace from meta ediscovery capabilities

Why is eDiscovery important in Workplace from Meta?

eDiscovery holds significant importance in Workplace from Meta due to several reasons. Firstly, organizations must meet their obligations during legal proceedings or regulatory investigations. Failing to comply with eDiscovery requests can result in severe consequences, including financial penalties and reputational damage.

Secondly, eDiscovery helps organizations uncover relevant evidence and gain insights into the communication and collaboration patterns within their workforce. This can aid in resolving disputes, addressing compliance issues, and improving overall governance.

Finally, eDiscovery in Workplace from Meta promotes transparency and accountability, fostering an environment of trust and ensuring that organizations operate in line with legal and regulatory requirements.

aware workplace ediscovery integration

How does Aware enable eDiscovery in Workplace from Meta?

Aware AI data platform is a collaboration-first employee listening tool that connects to Workplace from Meta to provide advanced eDiscovery and people intelligence insights. Aware ingests contextualized Workplace from Meta messages in real time and infuses them with advanced metadata based on proprietary natural language processing (NLP) to enable smarter, faster eDiscovery. Using Aware, legal and compliance officers can conduct early case assessment in minutes and hours, instead of days or weeks.

With Aware for Workplace from Meta, businesses can:

  • Satisfy legal requirements with federated search and eDiscovery
  • Keep Workplace compliant with automated violation detection
  • Protect valuable company data from exfiltration by malicious actors
  • Improve their employee experience by organically surfacing the topics that matter most

Aware is a complete, holistic employee listening solution that provides security and people intelligence for Workplace from Meta to meet use cases for legal, compliance, information security, and people teams.

Final thoughts

eDiscovery in Workplace from Meta is a critical aspect that organizations need to consider in today's digital workplace environment. By understanding the unique features and challenges associated with the platform, organizations can effectively manage eDiscovery requests, ensuring compliance, and maintaining the integrity of the discovery process. Aware offers robust eDiscovery solutions for Workplace from Meta, teamed with contextual AI insights that unlock the hidden value of employee voices at scale.

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