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Cover Your Apps

A Quick Checklist for Collaboration Security

Up to 90% of data generated by companies is unused and uncontrolled

What lives in your collaboration data?

You know the dangers. Passwords, IP, restricted files, and sensitive data could be accumulating right now in the chaotic dataset created by your enterprise collaboration tools.  As an IT leader, you are uniquely positioned to recognize these blind spots and enable the methods and procedures that reduce risk exposure and  secure collaboration across the organization.

Take charge of your risk posture with unified collaboration security

This checklist helps IT leaders identify the stakeholders that influence collaboration data security and develop a governance and enrichment strategy that reduces risk and keeps collaboration secure and compliant

Working together, you can:

  1. Build your team and implement data access control
  2. Gain holistic understanding of your entire collaboration ecosystem
  3. Formalize policies and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance
  4. Establish workflows for legal, eDiscovery and HR investigations
  5. Simplify collaboration security across the enterprise 
Collaboration Security Checklist

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