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Aware Spotlight

AI-Driven Behavioral Analysis, Insights and Trends

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Understand the conversation health, sentiment and trends of your collaboration communities over time, allowing you to make effective decisions, faster.

Large-scale sentiment analysis, built for the enterprise

  • Spotlight gives enterprise leaders the tools to measure and understand the impact of decisions on their employee population
  • Leverage a single, centralized view of all collaboration networks
  • Track collective changes in mood, attitude or behavior with Aware's Conversation Sentiment and Health KPIs
  • Aware's proprietary sentiment NLP is the industry's most accurate

Aware Spotlight Laptop
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive
Aware Spotlight KPIs
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Gain a rich understanding of your collaboration platform

  • Identify trends in conversation sentiment and behavior anomalies across your networks
  • Pinpoint when areas begin to trend negatively (or positively) 
  • Surface highly active groups, as well as groups with low engagement
  • Understand how content resonates to optimize for success

Dive deep into community and group insights

  • Gain a deeper understanding of where and how conversations transpire
  • Track changes over time for activity, volume and proprietary KPIs across the entire community
  • Drill insights down to the group level—including private and secret groups
Group Insights
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Understanding Trends
Clean & Elegant
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Track campaigns and understand trending terms

  • Support business cases, create stories and understand how important topics, hashtags and terms play a role in collaboration
  • Report on historical use of important terms, phrases and hashtags
  • Leverage Aware's Conversation Sentiment KPI to go beyond quantitative reporting and understand how the community uses key terms

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