Monitoring & DLP

Automated Community Management

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Optimize the time you spend monitoring your community when you configure Aware's rules-based engine to quickly surface and respond to unsafe or inappropriate behavior in your community. 

Gain visibility into public and private employee communications by pairing Aware with Workplace by Facebook, Yammer and Microsoft Teams. 

Human behavior risk is the biggest threat to a collaboration tool rollout. 



A Case for Employee Monitoring

Companies have an important role to play in protecting their employees and culture from risky worker behavior, regardless of what technology is used.

Enable Compliance 

Configure rules that automatically prevent against unsafe sharing and safeguard against HIPAA, FINRA, or PCI violations. 

Identify Insider Threats

Scan workplace communication content and file shares to identify instances of inappropriate sharing and breaches of confidentiality.

Protect Your Culture 

Protect your employees from sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying by monitoring public and private communications.

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