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An IT Leader’s Guide to Compliance, Legal, and InfoSec Requirements in Collaboration

Everything You Need to Know to Support Your Colleagues and Improve Your Risk Posture

The average annual cost of mitigating insider risk was $15.4M in 2022

Make informed decisions about your collaboration ecosystem

IT leaders are best positioned to understand the hidden risks and blind spots of collaboration datasets — but you also understand the impact that tightened controls have on app adoption. How do you protect your tech investments while satisfying the needs of colleagues in compliance, legal and information security? This guide breaks down the top concerns and requirements of each department, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions that best serve your organization and its people. 

Create policies and procedures on your terms that satisfy all needs

Download the guide now to explore the top requirements for data management, including:

  1. Data privacy legislation and industry regulations
  2. The presence of PII/PCI/PHI in collaboration — and the risk it poses
  3. When to enforce internal policies and better manage your people
  4. Why to design collaboration with legal needs in mind
  5. How good collaboration management reduces shadow IT
An IT Leader’s Guide to Compliance

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