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Risk Management in Slack

What the Modern Company Needs to Know

A workforce of 2500 will send 15M Slack messages annually

How do you quickly and effectively perform eDiscovery in Slack?

Where do you start looking within Slack for insider threats, unauthorized information sharing, harassment or noncompliance? How can you be sure you surface everything you need to find?Native solutions aren’t enough to uncover all the information that lives within Slack’s siloed datasets, while outsourced eDiscovery averages $18,000 per GB.

Aware puts you in control of your Slack data

Aware is an AI-powered collaboration intelligence platform that provides comprehensive search and discovery across all channels and message types, quickly surfacing relevant data —including revisions and deletions. Consolidate your risk management and data security needs in Slack with one vendor for multiple use cases:

  1. Federated search with AI/ML enhancements for faster, more relevant results
  2. Industry-leading natural language processing (NLP) for advanced sentiment and toxicity analysis
  3. Effortless legal holds and fully customizable retention policies
  4. Purpose-build eDiscovery solutions that understand the nuances of Slack datasets
Risk Management in Slack

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