Yes. You Should Know What Employees Are Saying in Private Messages.

by Greg Moran, on 6/11/18 12:00 PM

As the conversation continues regarding the evolving role of collaboration technology in the enterprise space, we thought this article that was recently published by People Management (UK) was particularly interesting: Do You Know What Employees Are Saying In Private Messages?

The piece illuminates—in detail—the risk that companies unknowingly take on as associates begin using these technologies to interact with their co-workers, on both corporate-owned and personally-owned devices.

Companies Need to Take Responsibility for Risky Communications.

From my perspective, this is the key: companies have an important role to play in protecting their employees and culture from risky worker behavior, regardless of what technology is used.

This ‘due care’ responsibility lies at the heart of what it means to be a great employer. This is why I believe there is such a strong case for optimism when it comes to employee monitoring.

Collaboration Is the Future of the Digital Workplace.

It's important to embrace the evolution of collaboration in the enterprise. Honestly, it’s going to evolve with—or without—you at the table. And if you aren’t at the table, you have all the risk and none of the tools to manage it.

  • Support and sponsor the implementation of next-gen tools such as Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Workplace by Facebook, or Slack.
  • Transparently provide oversight and monitoring for the collaboration environment that assures your employees safety on the network and that the company is responsibly managing security and compliance risk (so they know they work for a responsible company that will be able to continue to employ them).

Join Other Digital Leaders in Saying 'Yes' to Safe, Secure Collaboration Programs.

As I said before, collaboration is the future of our enterprise work environments and for the sake of employee and workplace culture wellbeing, it's crucial to introduce collaboration programs with intention.

Aware by Wiretap is the industry-leading monitoring and governance solution for enterprise collaboration; Aware seamlessly integrates with platforms such as Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer.

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