Turbocharging the Adoption of Teams and Yammer

by Aware HQ, on 2/22/18 12:00 AM

At Aware, we love collaboration – and today’s online collaboration and messaging tools make it easier than ever to work together. A recent McKinsey study showed that collaboration platforms have the potential to raise the productivity of high-skill knowledge workers by 20 – 25%. Furthermore, between $900 billion and $1.3 trillion in value can be unlocked through the use of fully implemented social technologies.

SMART, Practical Advice  With Governance and Compliance in Mind

Think about how much more an organization could achieve by successfully adopting an enterprise collaboration platform – the opportunities are boundless. The problem is, adoption tends to be slow and unstructured.

Long gone are the days when business and technology leaders touted the notion, “Build it and they will come.” Today, there is so much noise from technology in our work and personal lives that adding another new technology isn’t always welcomed.

Our partners at Perspicuity developed a creative approach to defining the roles of Microsoft Teams and Yammer community managers and group administrators. They consider them multi-faceted "Collaboration Change Agents" nurturing digital transformation. By leveraging different personas depending on the needs, business units across the enterprise can reap the benefits.

We’re huge fans of the collaboration technology that Microsoft Teams and Yammer has to offer in the modern workplace.

Think of Aware as a big “umbrella”! We sit over the top of the Collaboration Change Agents – ensuring employees and company reputation are protected. Aware helps mitigate the risk of harassment, HR violations, data leaks, and legal and compliance issues.

Let’s say an organization makes major changes to benefit offerings but doesn’t implement a robust internal communications campaign to support the changes. The Detective persona might create a policy to monitor how-to respond to questions that arise, in order to provide answers and to guide better communication around hot topics. The Detective could also create a policy to monitor employee reactions and sentiment, to gather the ‘Voice of the Employee’.

In another example, in addition to using Polls, the Surveyor persona might create a policy around a specific topic or initiative and use Aware to gauge sentiment and drill down deeper into individual conversations. This happens in the background, allowing an organization to gain valuable insight without compromising the authenticity of responses.

You see, not only does Aware provide a layer of governance to collaboration and internal messaging platforms, it also helps organizations achieve greater adoption of Yammer and Microsoft Teams. With Aware, organizations can collaborate with confidence and allow productivity and employee engagement to flourish like never before.

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