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The Time for Enterprise Collaboration is Now

by Aware HQ

In the past, email was the cutting-edge tool that distinguished the Silicon Valley-esque from the pen and paper organizations. The advancement of technology has allowed for communication to be immediate and in real time. Communication has moved away from overflowing inboxes and lethargic replies to allow real time chat to engage employees and drive business goals.

Enterprise Collaboration in Action

Several companies have adopted collaboration tools that have transformed daily business operations in tremendous ways.

  • Banco Galicia, a private-sector bank in Argentina, adopted Workplace by Facebook for its 6,000 employees. Previous communication channels had triple the amount of views and 82% of the bank’s employees log into Workplace every day.
  • Sanofi Pasteur is a global leader in vaccine production who Microsoft’s Yammer for its 1,200 employees to a resounding success. Communication and collaboration led to a 60% simplification of a key process at a manufacturing site and saved Sanofi over $100,000.

Collaboration Is Crucial to the Modern Workplace

The reality is, enterprise collaboration has offers such a wide variety of benefits that it is one of the key ways companies will differentiate from one another.

Collaboration Offers a Competitive Advantage

Placing a collaborative tool like Yammer, Slack, or Workplace by Facebook next to classical email makes it obvious how much quicker collaborative tools are in relaying information.

For example, Countdown Supermarkets was able to leverage Workplace by Facebook in order to communicate an avocado shortage to their 18,000 employees, allowing staff identify substitutes and prepare for customer inquiries.

Employees Experience Unprecedented Access to Knowledge

With workplace collaboration technology, employees can access important information with ease. Information silos are knocked down and information is freely passed throughout various business units.

Improved Communication Boosts Employee Engagement

Studies continuously show that collaboration networks do increase the engagement of employees. 70% of employees reported a positive enterprise impact due to digital collaboration tools.

Don’t Be a Digital Laggard

Start building your digital collaboration program today. Collaboration tools are the next step in transforming business as we know it, offering companies an advantage over competitors across industries.

Download our Executive Guide to Choosing an Enterprise Collaboration Platform to get the basics of how to choose a solution for your company’s collaboration program.

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