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Six Critical Digital Workplace Security Risks and How to Avoid Them

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How Oxfam is Protecting Individuals’ Data Privacy Rights by Pairing Aware and Workplace from META

by Aware HQ

With over 10,000 employees and 55,000 volunteers working to help people claim their rights, Oxfam, an international non-governmental agency, knew they needed to also work to protect individuals’ data privacy rights, like those defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

When the organization decided to adopt Workplace from Meta as a part of their digital transformation and collaboration strategy, they knew they needed a way to address data governance and compliance.

“We've enlisted Aware to help us when staff want to access those rights and they want to gain fuller control over their data [in Workplace],” said Dianna Langley, Digital Workplace Manager at Oxfam.

By leveraging Aware for governance and compliance, Oxfam could confidently empower staff around the world to collaborate in Workplace as equals.

“We built Workplace from Meta to give the world a place to work together. For a non-for-profit organization, like Oxfam, it's really important that they're able to build meaningful communities that help them to drive their mission,” said Amone Gbedemah, Workplace from Meta, Strategic Alliances for EMEA.

“The partnership between Aware and Meta has been seamless. And together, with us and them, we're creating something better than any of us could do individually—and that's worthwhile,” said Langley.

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