Insider Threats: A Top ESN Security Risk - An Aware Infographic Series (3 of 5)

by Britt Newton, on 7/21/17 1:32 PM


Organizations have always faced threats from inside. At any given time in a large, competitive workplace, there is usually at least one individual plotting their exit, attempting to garner information, business contacts and customers on their way out — or an employee or partner involved in some type of criminal activity. Sometimes, employees are inadvertently involved in malicious insider activity without even knowing it — tricked by another employee to send a file or download and share a document that shouldn’t be shared. Now with ESNs on the rise, those same employees and partners have even greater access to sensitive information that can be used against the company.

When it comes to deterring insider threats, organizations that are well protected keep their collaboration networks and tools are tightly secured, automatically monitored 24/7 and can predict damaging actions by proactively analyzing user behavior. A single, comprehensive security platform is all it takes to close the ESN security gap.

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