HR Policy Violations: A Top ESN Security Risk β€” An Aware Infographic Series (1 of 5)

by Britt Newton, on 7/7/17 11:31 PM


Every large organization deals with HR policy violations and issues. Some execs might fear that a private social network could encourage unproductive behavior, but the opposite is true. The key is ensuring that the collaboration network and tools are properly secured and monitored.

Recall the incident at Uber in which a female employee was harassed continually by a male manager using chat. The woman logged the offensive chats and later blogged about them, capturing the attention of top management. The investigation that ensued exposed a widespread problem of sexual harassment and discrimination at Uber. When the news went public, employees fled, the company was devalued and its reputation as a powerhouse startup was destroyed.

All of this could have been avoided if Uber had used a security platform that automatically monitored and predicted behavior within its collaboration network and tools. The chat messages and personal log would have been flagged immediately for review, enabling swift action and resolution by HR before it made headlines.

Learn more in our business brief titled "Top 5 Enterprise Collaboration Security Risks β€” and How to Avoid Them". 

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Next week’s infographic focus: Enterprise Social Networks and Data Leaks

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