We’re All in This Together

by Aware HQ, on 3/16/20 2:16 PM

From school closures to reduced retail hours to the cancellation of large events, officials are doing everything possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Yet in a time when most of the world is physically isolated from one another, a clear theme of community, strength and togetherness continues to emerge in the background.

Each day brings new stories of communities banding together to support people in need due to loss of wages, inability to access food or public resources, or even those who just need to hear a friendly voice. And, as many leaders make the tough decision to send employees home to work, the business community continues to step up to the plate to help—in a big way.

Uncertain times bring out the best in people and organizations

Companies specializing in digital workplace technologies—Microsoft, Zoom, Workplace from Facebook, Google, Slack—are working diligently to quickly support remote work. Some technologies added features to their free offerings, while others work to provide additional onboarding and best practices guidance for organizations new to remote work. Third-party vendors are also stepping up in a variety of ways, including this company who is offering implementation services for a free or reduced fee.

At Aware, we want to do our part to help, too.

We understand the importance of workplace culture and that employee uncertainty can impact both organizational wellbeing and worker productivity. This is why we are offering our insights and analytics product, Aware Spotlight, for free through May. Spotlight enables organizations to understand the conversation health, sentiment and trends in collaboration platforms like Workplace from Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Slack.

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Why does this matter now, more than ever?

In a matter of weeks, a large segment of the global workforce has found itself in a completely different climate. New conditions call for a different way of managing and supporting your workforce.

With Spotlight, you can understand how anxiety levels across the organization change over time—helping you pinpoint groups that might be struggling with mandated remote work.

You can identify trends in topics of importance to you, such as COVID-19 or ‘working from home’. Spotlight will surface changes in sentiment around these topics, as well as an uptick in volume from specific groups. 

Ultimately, Spotlight brings leaders data-driven insights regarding conversations on your collaboration platform. Use these insights to identify challenges and offer more appropriate support for your employees, as they struggle to settle in to a new normal.

As we face months of uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, one thing is for sure: we’re all in this together. We care about the morale and mental health of your unexpectedly isolated employees, and we want to help the best way we know how. #AwareCares