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How Aware customers streamline operations, reduce risk, and boost productivity

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Congratulations to Our Partner, Workplace, for 2M Paid Users!

by Aware

This past week, Workplace by Facebook announced that they are celebrating over 2,000,000 paid users. This major accomplishment came only a few years since the platform’s official debut in 2016.

The number of active users is likely much larger than that 2M mark, because this announcement doesn’t include participants in Workplace for Good, Facebook’s initiative to give educational or nonprofit institutions access to digital collaboration for free.

This is only the beginning for Workplace—and for the wider enterprise collaboration industry.

These tools power the modern workplace—one where dispersed employees can connect, share ideas and innovate. Digital workplaces remove barriers, like location or language, that historically made collaboration from a diverse set of stakeholders cumbersome or expensive.

“Staff feel empowered when they collaborate in Workplace as equals, no matter where they are in the world.”
–Dianna Langley, Oxfam International

 At Wiretap, one of our favorite parts of working with enterprise leaders around the globe is hearing how collaboration impacts their businesses. In fact, Workplace shared a few of the wins their customers experienced in their recent blog:

  • The airline that reduced email announcements by 90%.
  • The IT services firm that reduced their training costs by 85%
  • The financial services group that grew revenues by 33%

Is your organization joining the digital workplace, but running into a few roadblocks?

You’ve read the case studies and know the incredible outcomes of Workplace and other enterprise collaboration platforms like the back of your hand. However, stakeholders like legal, compliance, cybersecurity or human resources are asking tough questions about how to manage the community. Lean on Wiretap to cut through the red tape and help you get the  👍 for enterprise collaboration. 

 Download the 6 E’s of Success for Collaboration Adoption:

Tools like Workplace by Facebook, Yammer and Microsoft Teams provide incredible collaboration benefits — but lackluster adoption can prevent companies from fully realizing their value. 

Take the first step to gaining broad collaboration adoption in your organization today! 
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