The Incredible Value of Company Culture, Especially After COVID-19

by Aware HQ, on 6/11/20 3:47 PM

Company culture is an important part of workplace morale. Saying hello as you enter the office, chatting over lunch and collaborating on projects throughout the workday are an important part of what makes work, work. Though reboarding is in the near future for some, it can feel distant for others, as culture continues to evolve in your workplace.

The Importance of a Healthy Company Culture

Organizational culture is intangible, elusive and hard to measure, but is also a key factor when predicting company success. According to Harvard Business Review, a disengaged workforce is an expensive workforce: disengaged workers call for 18% lower productivity, 16% lower profitability, 37% lower job growth and 65% lower share price over time. Keep your employees engaged and they will keep your business energized.

Tools, Tips and Tricks to Improving Your Company Culture 

Company culture is dynamic and so are you. To improve your workplace community, consider implementing these practices and watch your employees flourish!

Set Clear, Concrete Expectations

It’s easier for employees to be productive when they understand the tasks expected of them. Encourage managers to take a few extra moments before sending an email or assigning a project to ensure the directions are clear. A few tips include assuming the recipient doesn’t know everything, supplying a time frame for the project, providing outside examples and ensuring clarity (for example, asking someone to proof-read). Strengthen managers by encouraging them to step back and consider the things they’re asking of their team. Would they perform these tasks correctly without a few extra details?

Communication Creates Better Teams

Back at the office, pre-pandemic, collaboration looked completely different. The ability to interact face-to-face, with anyone outside of your immediate family, is something we no longer take for granted. Yet, communication is still a key part of running a functional business. Digital communication can feel disjointed, awkward and a little forced, unless you have the proper tools. So, continue to improve your company culture by improving your communication methods, frequency and sociability. Utilizing collaboration tools like Workplace from Facebook, Yammer, Slack Enterprise Grid and Microsoft Teams make the work-from-home part of the job much more interpersonal.

 Empower Employees and Recognize Achievements

Could your company accomplish the things it has without your phenomenal employees? Probably not—so tell them! Positive reinforcement can move mountains when it comes to employee success. When employees feel like they're part of something bigger working for your company, they work even harder to achieve their personal goals.

One great platform to exercise employee recognition is Slack Enterprise! Slack provides users with collaboration mediums of all sizes, organized by channels. Congratulating individuals and teams in group channels, like #kudos for example, is a great way to make them feel appreciated- especially because of the interactive emojis and gifs everyone can then send their way!

Another useful method of engaging employees is with a company newsletter. There is plenty of day-to-day information you could share with your team, so why not write it in a fun, interactive way? Forbes suggests keeping it short and clever, using humor, upping the gamification and featuring employee ideas. Newsletters are a great way to ensure that everyone is in-the-know and on the same page. You can also think of it as hosting one less video call per week! Workplace from Facebook is the perfect collaboration space to post your newsletter and chat with your team, all in one!

 Carve Out Time for Teamwork

What aspects of your workday do you miss the most? Chatting over coffee first thing in the morning? Projects where the entire team worked together to solve a problem? These practices don’t have to come to a close when the office does. Utilize collaboration platforms like Workplace from Facebook, Yammer, Slack Enterprise Grid and Microsoft Teams to host team meetings, coffee breaks and happy hours, as well as work simultaneously on projects. 

Use Digital Tools to Understand and Manage Your Culture

Your company culture may feel different now, but keep in mind that we’re living through a pandemic! Encourage managers to be understanding as we begin to reboard and transition between home and the office.

There are many perks to establishing and managing positive company culture in a digital environment. For example, when employees feel a sense of pride in their company, they inherently boost workplace morale. Strive to build and improve your culture daily and engage with team members as frequently as possible. Highly engaged teams outperform their peers by 10% in customer ratings, 21% in productivity and 22% in profitability. Your team can and will make it through this crisis. 

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