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How Aware customers streamline operations, reduce risk, and boost productivity

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Aware Free Resources for Compliance Officers

by Aware

Discover free resources to address compliance in enterprise collaboration platforms now

The work of a compliance officer is never done. Just as you’ve wrapped your arms around one technology, a new one emerges, bringing with it all new compliance concerns. For many compliance officers, enterprise collaboration is a nightmare that never ends.

Enterprise collaboration platforms contain a vast network of different channels and groups, public and private messages. Plugins and applications make it easier than ever to share, copy, or download restricted information. And gaining oversight of how collaboration is used, and where information is stored, is a constant challenge.

Yet organizations love collaboration. The global market is predicted to be worth $85.8 billion by 2026. Companies that collaborate effectively are 4.5 times more likely to retain top workers. And collaboration alone can drive a 10% increase in productivity.

77% of the Fortune 100 use Slack Connect within their digital HQ

Collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Yammer, and Workplace from Meta became one of the pandemic’s biggest success stories. Adoption of collaboration platforms rose by over 40%, and an incredible 91% of businesses use at least two team chat apps.

For better or worse, collaboration is here to stay. And that means compliance officers must find ways to control the flow of information within those platforms. Regulators have already started to pay attention to noncompliance within enterprise collaboration. From $200 million fines for using WhatsApp, to court rulings that collaboration communications can be compelled in discovery, the net is closing on organizations that don’t take control of this new dataset.


Aware can help. Aware’s platform plugs into top collaboration platforms and continuously connects to capture messages, revisions, and deletions in an immutable, searchable archive. Near real-time monitoring deploys AI/ML-infused workflows to automate the detection of noncompliant messages and remove them from the collaboration environment using bi-directional deletion policies. Protect your organization and stay compliant with HIPAA, FINRA, and other industry regulations with Aware.

Get the benefit of our experience. Aware helps organizations to take charge of compliance within their collaboration networks. The free resources below will guide your organization as you solve top compliance concerns across your collaboration platforms.

How to Maintain HIPAA Compliance in Enterprise Collaboration

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was designed to protect the confidential medical information of patients. Penalties range from $100-$50,000 per incident. Within enterprise collaboration networks, it’s easy for protected health information (PHI) to slip through the net. Employees might think it’s safe to share PHI in a private chat or DM, but this behavior places the organization at risk.

The majority of HIPAA violations occur through negligence, not malice. Employees want to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. They might not realize that collaboration networks are inappropriate places to share PHI. That’s why it’s important er to include collaboration platforms in your regular HIPAA compliance training. But mistakes can still happen, and when they do, Aware can help. Read the article to get Aware’s best practices for ensuring HIPAA compliance within collaboration. Learn how to protect your patients and maintain their trust.

The Impact of GDPR on the Enterprise Social Network

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU legislation that outlines the rights of individuals to own their data. Customers and employees alike can now compel companies to reveal the information held about them. Could your organization produce all the information it holds on an individual member of staff?

In this post, Aware breaks down the potential liabilities that compliance officers might not have considered. The impact of GDPR on collaboration networks is only just emerging. Read the article to learn to how protect your organization from a subject access request.

Why Your Company Needs a Records Retention Policy

Every new piece of technology creates a dataset on its users. For modern enterprises, this can pose significant regulatory concerns. How can you be sure that your organization is GDPR or HIPAA compliant when so much information exists on third-party servers, or within private and direct messages?

Aware explores how to mitigate risk by implementing a records retention policy. This forces stakeholders to confront the data being generated and collected by the enterprise. Then you can make conscious, informed decisions about what to do with that data. Learn how records retention policies can help your organization to stay compliant with data privacy legislation. Mitigate risk with a proactive approach to retention and compliance.

How to Implement Bi-directional Retention Across Network Collaboration Platforms

A retention policy for your enterprise collaboration network is important for compliance. But it’s meaningless unless your archives are backed up by bi-directional workflows.

Data privacy legislation such as GDPR or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) not only regulate how information is stored, but when it is purged. Bi-directional retention applies the same rules to both a primary platform — such as Slack or Microsoft Teams — and to its archive. This ensures that if data should be deleted from one, it is removed from both.

Discover how Aware can help organizations to implement bi-directional data retention across collaboration networks. And learn why rethinking retention is a critical compliance measure your organization should be taking today.

Moderating Collaboration Content to Mitigate Insider and Compliance Threats

When Aware examined over a million enterprise collaboration messages, we discovered something disturbing. Toxicity and confidential information exist in collaboration networks in alarming numbers.

The informal nature of collaboration helps employees to cut through barriers in the workplace. It makes teams more effective — but at a cost. Workers are far more likely to share confidential information or send inappropriate messages on collaboration platforms, and that poses a significant risk to modern organizations.

Aware helps organizations to mitigate these risks by implementing near real-time monitoring. Industry-leading natural language processing augments AI/ML-infused workflows to detect noncompliance and remove messages or notify stakeholders. Be proactive, not reactive, about enterprise collaboration compliance with Aware.

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