A CIO’s Perspective on Enterprise Social Networks

Greg Moran
11/21/16 2:23 PM

Over the last decade, we’ve seen the internet cross over the tipping point to an always on, high bandwidth solution. In conjunction with reaching critical mass on key standards and the explosion of mobile as a high function end-point, we’ve seen a tsunami of software innovation precipitated by the low barriers to entry for developers and low cost of acquisition/ease of use on the consumer side. These are really cool outcomes that have been talked about ad nauseam, so let’s get specific.

Sociologically, we’ve tapped into one of the most hard-wired human characteristics in a big way — we HAVE to relate to each other. Whether we are arguing or finding common ground, hunting for soul mates or vilifying people we don’t like, we are social critters at our core. The ubiquity of software for relating is, well, ubiquitous.

The current crop of amazing social technologies represent an opportunity to bring our desire to relate to each other into the workplace as a powerful catalyst for collaboration and innovation. The challenge is how to do it inside the constraints that exist in a corporate environment. As CIO’s, we have this weird mix of accountabilities — we have to enable the businesses we serve with new capability at an ever-increasing rate, while protecting the company’s reputation in an escalating risk environment. These competing objectives get compounded by relentless cost pressure and the political reality of IT being viewed as a staff department. Most CIO’s, while balancing these practical and political realities, really want to serve a company’s associates with the best tools possible. At their core, CIO’s love technology and what it can do for the world — it’s likely why she/he got into the technology game in the first place.

Aware believes in collaboration — our heart and soul is about enabling CIO’s to say yes to social technologies with enthusiasm, knowing they have the controls in place to deploy rapidly and see what collaboration can do for their company. Most companies fight competitive battles daily and collaboration enables speed to market and rapid idea validation — so you can impact speed and quality at the same time. Aware provides a small footprint, secure platform that allows companies to deploy a one-stop solution for customizable monitoring of their social network — it’s as simple as that! You deploy and collaborate while Aware protects your data and your culture with DLP capability, behavioral coaching and all the controls you need to safely spur innovation.

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