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Making sure our employees feel safe at work is priority. Aware was a no-brainer for us in maintaining that.

Director, Human Resources


A global pharmaceutical company has employees that resided in both Russia and Ukraine. When the Russo-Ukranian war broke out in 2022, top of mind for this company was ensuring that their employees felt secure and informed. They also were sensitive to the fact that rumors and gossip were prevalent on their internal collaboration platform, and wanted to make sure that conversations around the conflict were factual and not hateful.

The team used the Spotlight application’s ability to highlight key topics in near real-time to proactively identify conversations related to the war. The team members then leveraged Signal’s rules to aid in moderation. The company also posted a communication about governance changes and used Aware to make sure that the message did not veer off topic. Aware can filter for foreign languages, so their results removed English results – surfacing only the information that was most important for the colleagues affected.

Due in part to the insights from Aware, the affected employees reported feeling supported during the initial days of the war. The company felt that they were much better equipped to handle future worldwide events.

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