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A Letter from Our CEO: Why Wiretap is Becoming Aware

by Jeff Schumann

I am thrilled to announce our company’s new brand and name—Aware. After two years of working in the rapidly evolving collaboration space and serving the digital workplaces of hundreds of organizations around the globe, this name speaks to both the next chapter in our journey and the future of work.


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Our Journey to Aware

Aware logoIn early 2017, we launched business as Wiretap. The name definitely turned heads—we made it provocative by design and deeply rooted in security. During those first months we found that our name resonated and intrigued, while generating a curiosity that helped differentiate our product from other market players. 

Throughout our journey over the past two years, we witnessed time and time again that the strongest modern employee communities are the ones that create safe digital spaces for connection, idea sharing and, of course, collaboration. We’ve worked hard to add features, and even products, that help make digital collaboration accessible to all employees at an organization. 

That being said, the Wiretap name and shield icon served its purpose of speaking to our security and compliance solution; but it doesn’t completely embody our true spirit of collaboration. At this stage in our journey, Aware better speaks to our overall vision, and is truly more relevant to our entire family of products:

  • Aware Risk Management: provides enterprise-grade solutions to address compliance, data governance and human behavior risk within collaboration.
  • Aware Spotlight: offers real-time, qualitative insights and metrics derived from collaboration communications.
  • Aware Digital Signage: allows organizations to easily display collaboration content for meetings, events and lobbies.

So, What’s Changed?

In reality, not much. We’re still the same fun people with a bold vision—just with a friendlier and more inclusive name. With nearly 400 customers using Aware technology worldwide, this simply felt like the natural next step for our brand, our capabilities and our story.

We’ll continue to work diligently to give you the business intelligence and safeguards that you need to help your organization thrive. And we’ll continue to explore partnerships and platform integrations when and where it makes sense. 

We’re proud of the company we keep—know that you play a significant part of our journey as a customer, partner, employee or friend. On behalf of the team at Aware, thank you, and we can’t wait to see where this next chapter will take us! 🚀

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