Aware by Wiretap not only protects the sensitive data you rely on for competition and value creation, we also manage and proactively protect the collective information of your clients and employees who live and breathe within your organization every day.

Aware by Wiretap helps your organization stay compliant with internal and external regulatory compliance issues and associations:  

Ensure regulatory compliance

Make sure all conversations and interactions that occur between internal associates and external clients maintain strict regulatory compliance regulations.

Protect client faith and goodwill

Give you clients peace of mind that all points of communication are being protected and safeguarded.

Protect your customers’ brands

As a global consulting organization, your customers’ brands are often in your hands. Aware by Wiretap helps you keep their brands well protected.

Safeguard confidential client information

Protect your client data (SSN, credit cards, account information, PII, etc.) from theft or accidental leaks or data breaches.